Shocking: Fans Don’t Want to Hang with Sam Hinkie

The Sixers are bad. Even the most trusting of process trusters is finding it hard to watch every game in full. I’ve given myself a vacation from the team until the new year for the sake of my own sanity. Still, if I’m going to watch a game in person, I wouldn’t mind doing it coutside and getting to talk Sam Hinkie’s ear off, trying to gain some insight into what’s going on in that pale head of his. Not everyone is me, though.

The Sixers are promoting a one-day DraftKings contest where the winner gets a “76ers Experience” with GM Sam Hinkie, which includes:

  • Two (2) courtside tickets to the Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers game on Saturday, January 9th
  • Meet-and-greet opportunity with GM Sam Hinkie
  • Watch pregame warmups from the team bench and receive a 3rd quarter locker room tour
  • Dinner at the arena and receive an autographed jersey

Sounds great, right? Some people don’t think so:

Watching paint dry, yes. But watching paint dry and being able to say whatever you have the guts to say to Hinkie beforehand? That’s a good deal.


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    1. Nothing on Fletcher Cox & Jason Peters making the pro bowl?

      Nothing on Malcolm Jenkins getting snubbed from the pro-bowl?

    2. LAST 3 DAYS ?

      10-3-2 run in 10 UNIT PLAYS
      $100 bettor is +$4,000 in all leagues combined!!!


  1. For the love of god fire Jim. He is the worst. Great article Jim. No way Kyle doesn’t see how terrible you are. You’ve lost me as a reader. I can’t stand this shit anymore. You guys are right. Brace would be better.

    1. Ahhhh, no. No one is in favor of Brace doing anything other than cleaning toilet’s at Pitcher’s, he is a perfect fit for that and that alone.

      1. Ahh that boy could make those toilets sparkle you hear? He just had a knack for cleaning shit stains, make emm as white as the snow. Yes you hear me right that brace boy is one of a kind.

  2. I would punch that little Nancy boy in the face then make him get me a beer….dag…wake up white people

  3. Sam Hinkie was sitting right near me at the kentucky-ohio st game this past saturday. I introduced myself and chatted him up for a bit…. he was a Phenomenal guy. Super nice, engaging, genuine…. very down to earth, got a terrific first impression of the guy.

  4. Great story. Zzzz

    Another sixer post..zzzzzzzzz

  5. I like the “take a locker room tour during the third quarter” yea so you don’t have to sit next to him while the sixers get blown out in the second half

  6. I’m going to love when we are competitive next year and contending in 2 more years and stacked with young studs and money to spend what all these asshole morons who don’t understand that in the NBA as it is set up now that unless you can sign lebron, tanking is the only way to build a perennial contender.

    Do these assholes not understand what position they are in this year in the draft and the money they have to spend. Not to mention anything you get from Embiid next year is icing on the cake,

    1. Your glass is half full; mine half empty. The Sixers organization – from players to execs – is full of ‘never won it’ people, but you know they’re going to be great. You have nothing to base that on. None of them have any track record of success at this level and no team has ever tanked to the extent the Sixers have and won a championship. Pro basketball in Philly is truly a fantasy. I’d take LeBron any day of the week over this.

      1. “I’d take Lebron any day of the week over this”

        No shit dude, so would about 28 other teams… any more genius thoughts?

        1. Yeah. Why did Sixers not even entertain trying to get LeBron after they had jettisoned all the contracts? And what is your ‘genius’ thought for the day?

          1. Yeah im sure Lebron was dying to sign here so he can play with Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday.

            I actually agree with what you wrote to start your comment. Nobody in the front office has proven shit, aside from Colangelo to a degree. The team the old regime (Doug Collins/Ed Stefanski/Rod Thorn/Tony Di Leo) put in place was competitive for awhile but was completely devoid of any top NBA talent, and top FA were not going to come to Philly to play with those guys. Who is the biggest FA signing of the last 25 years? Elton Brand? Guy was entering 30 years of age and had injuries and the sixers gave him a max contract to come here and…he got injured, but he got paid and the sixers were desperate enough to give him the money because they didn’t have any other options to make the team into a true contender. They tried this again after they amnestied Brand by trading for Andrew Bynum but actually got hoodwinked when it was revealed the dude was finished physically and could also have mental problems. This crippled the team because they also gave up future draft picks and traded away some decent players during this time as well. Doug Collins quit because he knew the team he now had was garbage and had no future and has even admitted that he advised the new ownership to “blow it up”…..this is where Sam Hinkie and Harris/O’Neill came in. Could they have kept the team together and prayed they somehow made the 8th seed in the east (what an accomplishment) and then hoped for a FA to for some god forsaken reason sign here to save to the team in the summer, it never happened before, but sure they could of chose that path…..I for one am glad they didn’t because the team stunk and needed a makeover in the worst way.

            Has the “process” worked? no, not at all so far, although you don’t really know what you have with 19-20 year old kids at first. There are about 5-6 guys on the current team who flat out don’t belong in the NBA. I think Hinkie has done a good job setting up a future, maybe not the ideal one he set out for, but next summer will be critical for him. The Embiid and Saric draft picks have slowed down the re-build but i like both players and i liked the reasoning for selecting them. What i don’t like is what Hinkie has done recently by not bringing in guys to help the young kids on the court now this season. Noel and Okafor are pretty much fresh meat for other teams who penetrate the lane because the team has too many wings and guards who flat out can’t play defense and are not so hot offensively too. He has a coach who stresses pace and playing fast, but then he drafts a guy like Okafor who is a much better fit in a team that focuses on ball control/half court offensive systems. I’m not sure Hinkie understand how to build a team and i think that is what Colangelo was brought in for (also to give the team some legitimacy). You have to draft a star nowadays or you don’t have squat, and even when you draft this guy your not going to know how good he actually is until after a few years. That’s why i get pissed when the Hinkie nutcases want to trade Okafor for a future pick, just because he sucks at defense which most young big men are not great at and big men take much longer to grow. The team would be bad regardless of a veteran presence or not, because there are too many young guys, but they wouldn’t be circus show they are on the court each night if they just brought in marginal NBA talent players who have been in the league 8-10 years and would gladly accept the paycheck to play on a bad team.

      2. I never said “I know” or “They know” what they are doing will be great, what I said was that the way the NBA is currently constructed the only real way to build a perennial contender if you can’t sign Lebron is to tank. What they have done/are doing now has given them the best chance to begin succeeding starting next year..the best chance. Where do you get that I or the brass is guaranteeing anything? This ownership said fuck this.. we are tired of getting by as the 6th-8th seed in the East and maybe winning 1 series if someone blows out an ACL and decided to do whatever it takes within the current rules/system to do it. From the fucking beginning they said this was going to be a 3 year rebuild/tank process and we are now in year 3 going into year 4. All I ask is for anyone critical of what they are doing is to give them at the very least this offseason or provide some kind of alternative plan that we should of done and how we would be contending RIGHT NOW without tanking. The only deviation to the plan was Embiid having to sit out another year. This year we will have our top pick plus up to 3 more in the top 10 PLUS all of the money they could want to spend on free agents. What I’m saying is that short of ca strophic injuries to the entire roster, this team will make a monumental step forward this offseason and into next year.

        1. What happens if the 4-23 Lakers end in the top 3 of the draft. That pick becomes protected. Kobe retires and they are a prime landing spot for free agents. So odds say that pick next year drops in worth. The Heat are 16-10 and Thunder 19-9. Looks like those 2 picks will be between 22 and 27. Now it’s time for somebody to say hi Howard.

  7. Nothing on the Flyers winning again? Oh right Jim’s only capable of writing about a team with 1 win thru 30 games. I understand hockey is 4th amongst most people but seriously how many more garbage Sixers posts do we need. The Flyers are in the race for the playoffs, coming off a nice victory last night. But we get a Sam Hinkle post today. Jim just quit please.

    1. You have to understand Jim’s hipster line of thinking……to him it’s ‘cool’ to be a fan of a team who is most likely to set an NBA record of losses in a season. If the Flyers were a team who got blown out every game, then Jim would claim to be a fan of them until they got some talent.

      You see, it’s just sooooo “ironic” that someone could be a fan of such a horrible team. Jim seeks attention and wants to pretend to like obscure things whether it’s music,clothes,books,food,beverages… teams, just because he can be oh so different from everyone else.

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