The Sixers are Officially, Record-Breakingly Bad

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers are bad. Very bad. We know this, but now it’s (once again) a record:

Six NBA teams had started off 2-28, but the Sixers did them one better (well, worse). Add in a 10-game losing streak to end the 2014 season, and only the Dec. 1 generosity of the Los Angeles Lakers stands between Philly and a mind-boggling 0-40 skid.

Of course, every loss the 76ers have these days creates a new low, as they were the first NBA team to lose 28 of their first 29, and so forth. The next six games for Philadelphia come on the road, where it has lost 22 straight.

The plan was to be bad for a while to make your chances of being really good much better, and avoid basketball purgatory of the middle-of-the-pack, fringe-playoff teams. Some people out there would happily trade 15 wins right now to be in the NBA logjam, just to see some wins. That’s understandable, but I don’t see any of those teams setting record.


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  1. But the coach got a 2 year extension. I know the team stinks, but a good coach would have more than 1 win over that span of games.

    1. Agreed, and after watching pf Ben Simmons and sf Brandon Ingram tearing it up in the college ranks, I’m now back on board with the Sixers rebuilding process.

      Sixers fans, remember the name Brandon Ingram.I’m telling you this kid is Kevin Durant 2.0, in terms of skillset, and would give the Sixers a legiti

    2. Charles Barkley’s words of twenty years ago applies here


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    St John’s 7-6
    DePaul 6-6

  4. Honestly, I’ve been on board with the whole tanking thing. But it’s just exhausting anymore. Losing out on Wiggins, and then Russell, just makes it feel like this is never going to get better. They are impossible to watch now. Even last year, they competed and played hard. Somehow, they’ve gotten worse, ALOT worse. 2 years ago i was excited for this team and its future. Now it just feels like Groundhog Day without an ending.

  5. So getting a few nose-bleed tix is a decent night out with the family, especially since the kids don’t really care if they lose.
    My question is this/ is anyone still paying for high-dollar seats to see this crap??

    1. A buddy of mine at work has lower-level season tickets (for some ungodly reason) and can’t unload any of them for face value. He says he hasn’t gone to a game in weeks so that’s money he’s flushing down the toilet. What an idiot

    2. Just plan to buy your tickers in person right before the game.

      You can honestly get free tickets pretty easily just walking through the parking lot. When people see you walking up to the windows, they will give you extra tickets for free.

  6. Another thing that’s historically bad? The crop of Republican Presidential candidates.

    The leader is a orange traffic cone fascist with cotton candy hair who says the most vile, racist crap that eons of racist, vile human scum eat up. The original frontrunner is more retarded than his special needs brother. There’s a Cuban guy who hates immigrants and another Cuban guy who has to cover up for the fact that he at one point didn’t hate immigrants. There’s a sleepy black dude who doesn’t know what the pyramids were for and a lunatic woman who ran a computer company into the ground. There’s a fat loudmouth from Jersey who vindictively closes bridges, a super Christian, another super Christian, a Libertarian with a squirrel on his head and something called “John Kasich.” I’m probably forgetting 1 or 2.

    Anyway, what pant suit will President Clinton wear on inauguration day?

    1. Great, we put up 8 years with a black Muslim for President who wasn’t even born in the U.S. and now the Dems’ primo candidate is a lesbo carpet muncher whose incompetence got 4 people killed in Libya, not to mention violating every national security law with her bull$hit personal server to hide her secrets and is a pathological liar or did we forget she claims she took incoming fire landing in Bosnia and was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who hadn’t climbed Everest when she was born (hatched ?) and would not until six years later. She also claimed her Bill did not have sex with Lewinsky. Claimed it until Bill’s semen was on the intern’s dress.

  7. You need a comma after the “are” in that header guy!

    The Sixers are, Officially, Record-Breakingly Bad

    Never mind the fact that I don’t think “Breakingly” is a word.

  8. Can anyone pinpoint the first time everyone “turned” on Jim? Like what was the breaking point where you had enough of Jim and his articles? Where did it exactly go wrong and what was it exactly?

    – Asking for a friend.

    1. Everyone likes to bomb on Sean Brace, for obvious reasons, but believe it or not he’s a lot more “functioning” than Jason Myrtetus. It’s absolutely frightening to this society that a man of that little stature, lack of culture, lack of reasoning and education could possibly hold a position of Producer, etc at a radio station in any market or even a local movie theater. He degrades women constantly on-air, he proves he’s the village idiot everytime he opens his mouth on “General Knowledge Wednesday” (ie he thought “indigo” was the color red, for starters), and his knowledge of any sort of culture is perplexing. Call me a hater but this dude is constantly putting anything down that he doesn’t understand, which is basically everything but hockey. Myrtetus’ “truths” or “reality” makes you really question the human-race and the idea that someone on-trial in our judicial system could potentially have a juror of Jason’s likes. It’s a scary world.

      1. Had no clue Brace was even a producer, just heard his horrendous on air stuff. Martinez is also terrible, but never say that Sean Brace is better. Remember, Brace is back at Pitchers Pub, Martinez has moved up to management I think.

  9. Yesterday was it for me. I’ve had enough of this dolt. BTW, we didn’t have a baby, I’ve been looking for Jim replacement the past couple weeks..

  10. Next Jim Update:

    Why the Eagles are Bad.
    -they dont score enough touchdowns
    -they give up too many touchdowns

    thanks for the quality post jim!

  11. Right now it looks like they are only going to win 3 or 4 games but that’s not going to happen. 8-74 is realistic. Anyone want to bet if they end up with record it never gets broken. The lottery system will be changed so there will be no incentive to break apart a team to become that bad. Teams will rebuild but the worse they will do is 15-25 wins. I am afraid the S i x e r s are going to fuck this up and bring in some veterans. If they do that they might win 12 or 13 games. That would be a disaster.

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