The Very Best of Merrill Reese

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Let’s celebrate his entire catalog from tonight. Best line? About Byron Maxwell: “Maxwell did something positive!”

Bonus: Rickie Ricardo calls Malcolm Jenkins’ touchdown [courtesy Jon Johnson]:


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  1. Most annoying fucking announcer ever. He’s a the 40-30-20-10 TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!

    1. this is the local RADIO announcer syned up with the game footage. If he didn’t tell the people the yardage on the RADIO they wouldn’t know what’s going on.

  2. Who’s more annoying, hair piece Merrill Reese, or nose-candyman Ray Didinger?

    1. Can always tell in Mike miss’s voice how annoyed he is when Jose calls his show to talk hockey yo

  3. His best line was when he went to break after the Sprouls TD. I am not joking, the Eagles lead 28-14.

    Can’t wait to hear all the E-A-G-L-E-S chants on WIP tomorrow morning on my way to work. Shirley will be all fired up.

    1. merril is an annoying idiot homer. ps who the hell listens to that creepy old man angelo.

  4. Hair piece yelling Merrill complements the white trash Eagles fan to perfection

    1. Unfortunately there are also black, brown, yellow, and more colored “trash”. So he doesn’t represent the whole fan base, get Merrill the F out of here!

  5. “What’s up Brother Kyle? Brother Kyle, I’m pumped about last nights win Brother Kyle. Brother Kyle? You know my catch phrase… let’s get down to business, talk sports, and I’ll be out-cho way.”

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