Video: Here’s The Full Al Jazeera Documentary

Here’s the full thing. The Ryan Howard part starts at 35:20. It’s laughably thin on details, as is the Ryan Zimmerman part that follows.


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  1. Always knew that fat fuck Ryan Howard did juice. Fraud !!! Hope bud selig suspends him for 50 games

    1. Who gives a F what these sand n1ggers have to say? Let them go back to raping and beheading women and children like the animals they are.

    1. Just like Kyle put this story up to take attention away from the Eagles getting their asses kicked, and eliminated from playoff contention.

      Kyle, it must truly hurt, knowing that your lord & savior Chip Kelly has been exposed as a fraud of coach/gm.

      1. Kyle put the story up as a distraction? Was it to distract from the ten other stories him and Aduh posted? Fucking moron

  2. While Al Jazeera is known for being pro Sunni, it is the propaganda machine for the Qatari government, which houses us military bases and encourages international education opportunities with the US. I doubt Isis would think this was positive. Also, they aren’t Sikhs. So they do not have “rags” on their head.

  3. Seriously? Why are we even giving this the time of day?

    Anything that comes from a fucking Allah worshiping terrorist news network shouldn’t be taken seriously in the least

  4. Would rather read either a Neighbor Mike post or a Mark Saltnreet(ard) post than watch that garbage

      1. He’s waiting for the after Christmas sales to start…you know that shit cuts into the bottom line

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