I don’t even know what to believe anymore. The Eagles won, and even better, they looked good. Kyle called it. I feel weird. It’s a good Monday.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

I used that top image for Sanchez’s reaction alone.



The pies did it.

Emmanuel Acho is still hyped:

Malcolm Jenkins has been playing above this team’s average all year, but last night was special:

Jenkins was second among Eagles in tackles with seven, including two for negative yardage. But perhaps the most underrated play of the game was his tackle-for-loss in the third quarter when the Patriots faced first-and-goal from the 1-yard line. Jenkins pushed New England back four yards, and partially forced them to throw the ball on the next two downs. Two plays later, Jenkins gave the Eagles a lead they never relinquished.

Tim McManus notes that Tom Brady isn’t exactly used to losing two in a row:

Brady finished 29-of-56 for 312 yards with three touchdowns and two picks. Heading into the game, Brady was 40-8 in games following a loss in his career.

The snap counts for this game certainly tell a story: DeMarco Murray played 21 fewer snaps than Darren Sproles, and only two more than Kenjon Barner.

Do you feel your bubble of Monday morning joy growing? David Murphy would like to pop it for you:

“Obviously, people saw he didn’t lose the locker room,” defensive end Brandon Graham said.

What would they have seen if something had broken a different way? If Brandon LaFell hadn’t dropped a pass with lots of room to run in the final minute? If Bill Belichick hadn’t gone out of his way to give the Eagles the time to block a punt and return it for a touchdown in the waning seconds of a first half that the Patriots led by a touchdown? If Walter Thurmond hadn’t deflected a pass in the end zone and if that deflection hadn’t bounced in the perfect spot for Malcolm Jenkins to pick it out of the air and return it 99 yards for a touchdown to turn a potential 21-14 deficit into a 21-14 lead? If Tom Brady had managed to do what you spent most of the second half waiting for him to do, the thing that he has done so many times over the course of a decade-and-a-half of Hall of Fame play?”

Anything to help you sleep, buddy:

Darren Sproles became only the seventh player in NFL history with consecutive seasons with 2 punt return touchdowns.

Mike Jerrick got a new haircut because of the win:

I’m not sure how I feel about this:

All day:


Chase Utley remains a Dodger on a one-year, $7 million deal.

Ryan Madson got himself $22 million over three years.

After Jonathan Papelbon choked the NL MVP this past season, he was suspended for four games by the Washington Nationals. Now he says the Nats didn’t pay him while he was suspended, and he’s filed a grievance.

World B. Free wants interest rates on savings accounts to be raised, because World B. Free know’s the world isn’t free.

Brandon Browner, the worst CB in the NFL, is doing great.

If you’re gonna Bronco Buster the goalpost, you might wanna warn the person standing behind it.


Throwing trash on the field? Beer cans? Booing when asked to stop? Must be Philly fans in disguise.

Terry Bradshaw looks weirdly excited to be taking a picture with Nasir Reynolds:

Jay Wright named his second son after Colin Cowherd, so we can’t really trust his decision-making skills that much.


After beating Temple, University of Houston fans stormed the field. Dozens of them did. One got stopped by security and things did not go well for him.

In case you’re wondering what the PA Supreme Court is up to, it’s still all that porn stuff.


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