Dennis Rodman Is Coming To Wing Bowl

Alternate headline: Crazy-ass pseudo celeb and ex-NBA player who has a history of substance and domestic abuse issues, who may or may not have broken his dick inside Madonna, and who held court with Kim Jong-un, will attend glutenous wing eating event loaded with C-list strippers in South Philadelphia.

Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long.

Here’s Angelo Cataldi making the announcement:

Rodman will also be making an official appearance at the SugarHouse Casino afterparty, just in case you needed another reason not to bar-hop those all-you-can-eat beef and beers at local strip clubs following the big event.

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56 Responses

  1. Are the same drunken lowlife neanderthals, who attend the wing bowl.
    Do these losers even have jobs?

  2. Yet another reason to ever listen to this god awful station and the horrible people they employ. This is just 8 miles beyond pathetic

    Between Dennis Rodman and Josh Innes, who will be the most despicable person in the room?

  3. Jesus christ look at that shirt Angelo is wearing. Is he heading out on a safari after work today?

    1. OH YEAH BRO, maybe he’ll let you smell his finger, huh????? Hopefully he hasn’t washed it since NINETEEN FUCKING NINETY NINE!!!!

      Sounds like you’ll buy whatever polished turd WIP is selling. If they were charging money for a prostate exam with Jaws providing color commentary, you’d be the first to drop pants I think

  4. Meanwhile on Gargano they talked sports and had Sam Katz to talk about Philadelphia.

    You could listen to that, or you could listen to a fat old man brag about a deranged traitorous woman beaten coming to his ugly snanky stripper/obese white idiots eating wings party.

  5. Rodman remember was the guy in the Detroit parking lot with a shotgun ready to blow his brains out. Maybe if he does it at Wing Bowl, CBS execs who cherish collecting money from white trash will shut this circus down.

  6. I think its high time we end the wing bowl and let angelo walk away from radio. both of these things are insufferable.

    with that said…anything on the roast?

    1. Josh is going to take over the Morning Show and just pick up where they left off. The station is never getting rid of an event that they use for promotion.

  7. Dennis Rodman? Does anyone under 40 even remember him? Big deal. He should have tried to get Pat Burrell who is always up for a party and who everyone knows.

  8. Some ugly looking wingettes that you could probably mindfuck into a blowjob after telling her you’ll take her and her two sons to Dave and busters Saturday

  9. you know whats really funny about wing bowl. all of the wacky characters with funny names. nick papagorgio?? HILARIOUS! El wingadoor! my sides are splitting!

  10. Hey Morning Team,

    We need the six hookers were loaning you as Wingettes back at the club on 2nd Street by 3 P.M. We’re having a “get together” at 6. P.M

  11. The money he made from playing and endorsements has been gone for years. Looks like A n g e l o went down the list of down and out D-list celebrities and this was the best he could do.

    1. When you appeal to the lowest common denominator, this is what you get. You think Bradley Cooper would be caught dead here? No fucking way, and anyone who thinks he’s not “keeping it real” is a fucking idiot.

  12. What else would you expect from a bunch of has been radio hosts, that have an un-listenable show, with moronic sheep as listeners, then to have a has been former athlete with questionable mental abilities and capacity as their top shelf, A#1 guest. Probably a perfect match. I just can’t believe that Wing Bowl is still a thing.

  13. Don’t really mind the Wing Bowl … only disgusting thing is having WIP spending 4 months of radio time slobbering over it. Old man Cataldi gets so excited leering at the young ladies and watching fat bastards puke in the studio that he has to change his pants after each morning show.

  14. Why do you think I showed him the door? Then he goes off trophy hunting for a gold digger and bagged a moose.

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