Don’t Throw Snowballs at News Reporters, Even Though It’s Hilarious 

Guys, they’re just doing their jobs out there. Don’t pelt them with snowballs. They’re trying their best. 

Actually, you know what? Go ahead. And if you see Steve Keeley out there: Bombs away.

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19 Responses

    1. Even during a blizzard, drunken Philadelphians, still find time to live up to their terrible reputation. And you drunken idiots wonder why you’re the most hated fanbase in America.

      1. F THE NY sports team and their smug little bandwagon shiitstain fans.
        you can add the NJ newyork teams to that.i mean the nj giants and nj jets……….

    2. We should have a ceremonial Santa pelting every year. Is Philadelphia’s tourism industry being crippled by fear of snowballs or something? I’m tired of listening to vagisils whine about this.

      If a media figure wants to fall back on a rancid cliche and admit they don’t know anything about America’s 5th biggest city situated between New York and DC from the last 50 years, let them.

  1. Here’s a PSA, you guys. No matter how good the blow is that you picked up for the snowmageddon, do not get high before shoveling. Your heart will literally explode and leak out of your butt hole

    1. I agree, I don’t get the fuss over Miesha. Nicole Brewer and Kate Bilo though, I would love to shove my face into their asses

  2. Another dipshit reporter standing in the street with a perfectly good sidewalk 10 feet away. She’s lucky it was only snowballs that hit her.

    I guess it will take one of these morons getting their pelvis crushed after a car slides into them and pins them to another car before they get a clue that they should rethink where they stand.

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