Eagles Execs Will Reportedly Meet HOT COMMODITY, Dopey Doug Pederson, in Kansas City Tonight

I’ll go 90, you go 10?

More like the Eagles will go 99, and Doug Pederson will have to go only one – perhaps a short drive to a five-star hotel – to meet with, presumably, Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski, who, if this report is accurate, flew into Kansas City today on this flight to meet Pederson (whose Chiefs just shutout the God awful Bill O’Brien-coached Texans, 30-0, though they managed only two offensive touchdowns):

Voila_Capture 2016-01-09_07-47-42_PM

Glad to see they’re so eager and accommodating for Doug Pederson.

In other news, Jon Gruden got a touch sentimental with Mike Tirico at the end of the game as this will be their last ESPN broadcast together until the Pro Bowl:


“I’m gonna miss you man, we had a great ru… we had a lot of fun, didn’t we?”

Tirico quickly squashed the Gruden says goodbye forever because he’s off to coach speculation by telling Gruden a few minutes later that he’d see him in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Or will he?

Also: Giants defensive coordinator SPAGS was with his boy Cuz… and Connor Barwin?

The Eagles interviewed Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo earlier in the week and will interview Tom Coughlin on Monday. It’s been rumored that McAdoo and Coughlin could team up in Philly if one of them gets the job. Maybe SPAGS will join? Good lord.

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32 Responses

  1. We don’t know if Pederson is a good coach.. Andy loves the guy , honestly we all know his name doesn’t excite anyone. Id love to see Lovie come here. TC would be interesting but I highly doubt Lurie hires Doug

  2. Yeah, dopey Doug will fit in just perfect with this fucked up organization! The two fuckin’ jues that don’t have a fuckin’ clue!!! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  3. Congratulations to Andy Reid – KC’s first playoff win since 94. I am pretty sure he may get AFC Coach of the Year regardless of what happens next.

  4. Cannot wait for Dopey DOUGIE P to be hired. Hoping he brings back Leslie Frazier to head the D along with Juan Castillo. Joe Philbin and Brad Childress as co-OC’s. Maybe even rifle waving Britt Reid can come replace AZZ on the d line. He is the assistant there now in KC.

    Getting the band back together…. Now this crew along with HOWIE ROSEBUDS is THE formula for a super bowl.

  5. Kyle, do you think Lurie understands the level of backlash that will come from the fans if he makes a hire like Pederson?

    1. Most Philadelphia fans don’t want Doug Pederson because they have memories of when he was the QB for that year before #5 was ready for prime time. That’s it. Not because he was a coach somewhere else and failed miserably, but because he was a bad backup QB……

      This is exactly why when Josh Innes trolls the fan base, its funny.

      1. Maybe it is because he is an OC who doesn’t call plays for an offense that is mediocre at best. Maybe it is because the Eagles are taking their coaching advice from someone who is now their competition. Maybe it is because the Eagles are hot for a guy that no one else would hire as an assistant coach, but they want to hand him the keys.

        BTW, I wouldn’t want Tom C. either, especially if it gets the Giants coaching staff back together. That was a combination of losers for the last couple years in NY. Why would they want to replicate that?

  6. i hope Gruden does come here so you can shove it down Eskin’s pipehole. You had Innes talk about it for a frigin hour and then i heard this morning about how Eskin had the text that he wasnt interested. I would love to see the KING lose his credibility once more and then have Gruden come to town for a spark for a terd of a football team.

  7. Hiring Pederson is admitting firing Andy was a mistake. Reid has yet to win a super bowl. He made the eagles a playoff team but thats it… Enough to sell tickets. I guess thats the plan again this time.

    1. If it were that, it would almost make sense.

      But what in the farthest fuck of Doug Pederson makes you think he could recreate the Reid era? Look at his Wikipedia entry. He’s the Danny Watkins of coaches. He’s obviously an “offensive coordinator” because Andy Reid thinks the world is a better place for being a world where Doug Pederson can be an offensive coordinator. His coaching qualifications are that Andy Reid knows him from their time in Philadelphia and Green Bay.

  8. I am friendly with people in the league.

    Spags has a great football mind. He will be a great head coach.
    Chipichek has a great football mind. Great head coach.
    Kolb has a great football mind. Great QB.

    Seam gypsy
    Seam gypsy
    Seam gypsy

    I am friendly with people in the league.

  9. Actually, all biases against the Giants aside, the last statement in this article MIGHT actually be the best route for Lurie to take. The Eagles hire Coughlin, he brings McAdoo and maybe Spags with him. Coughlin is the head coach for 2 or 3 years, gets the Eagles back on the path to success and hands the reins over to McAdoo or Spags and retires. Compared with these unknown coordinators and such, I think this option is the best and safest way to go and the best way to establish a long-term culture in the organization. And also….Yes, I think if Lurie could, he’d hire Andy Reid again right now.

  10. Where’s Pizza Mike? Wanted to chat about the best bars in Philly to pick up married chicks. Scored with one on a girls night out at Irish Pub last night.

    1. Dude you’re totally way off base. There’s nothing more exciting than 24/7 Eagles talk on 94wip amd 97.5 the fanatic.

  11. If Spags ends up getting a job here as DC as Gargano has wanted since he has been on the air, and if Spags fails like he most likely will. The Cuz will have to hear about it and eat shit every single day he is on the radio. And as we know, he takes things way too personal and gets way too emotion when it comes to Spags. I love when he says he has been talking to “sources” and we all know its Spags. Get 0ff the guys dick man, he had the worst defense in the entire NFL this past season. 32 of 32. Every time he mentions Spags, his credibility goes down another notch.

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