UPDATE: Neshaminy Basketball Coach Jerry Devine Has Been Placed on Leave

From Josh Verlin at City of Basketball Love:

Multiple sources in attendance tell CoBL that the video shows action with under 30 seconds left in the game, when a Neshaminy player was called for a charge after going in for a layup that could have made it a 3-point game, at which point Jerry Devine lost his cool.

The video, which is a cell phone capture of recorded game footage, is only five seconds long, and has two men reacting to the play.

Ironically, the ref was the one who drew the real charge here.

Here’s a screen grab from an old video of Devine:

Voila_Capture 2016-01-05_10-40-57_PM

Someone’s going viral.

UPDATE: Devine is listed as a special ed teacher on the school’s website. Devine also coached Villanova stud Ryan Arcidiacono.

UPDATE 2: Kevin Cooney has a thorough piece on the matter, but had trouble getting late-night comment from the school.

LevittownNow.com spoke to some players.


UPDATE 4: There is a longer video, with full context, from the live stream on WBCB, after the jump:


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  1. Now that he has been released from his contact and I will be leaving town shortly since I am no longer relevant let me say this….Chip hated niggggggggggggggggggggers.

  2. “Villanova stud Ryan Arcidiacono”

    Come on Kyle, Archie would be lucky to get hired as Neshaminy’s next coach after this dude gets axed.

    Mike Nardi was twice the player Archie is…..and Mike Nardi looks like he could have been in Mr. Devine’s special ed class

  3. by “stud” do you mean the guy who will shoot 30% and turn the ball over in important games?

    1. True. Looked so good as a freshman. Wright and his staff have done a lousy job developing that kid.

  4. …they wanted to know if you wanted their better video footage to steal for this story. Also, they managed to find out that the kid who committed the foul was the younger Archidiacono. It must chap your ass that a national site does a better job of covering stories right in your own backyard than you do, huh…

    1. ^^ Hey, scroo yu pal!

      We’re about screan grabs here at Crossing Bored. We don’t allow facts, reaserch or the trooth to get in the way of a good headline.

      1. Give me a break over here. After my kid I’ve slowly morphed into looking like Tom Hanks in the movie Philadelphia.

  5. Special Ed teachers should show a little more patience, no? I haven’t seen someone that mad since Mo’ne’s mom found out about dick pic gate.

  6. This week we will be pushing McDermott and Doug Pederson as the potential head coaches. They’re Philly guys.

    Seriously I love how 97.5 pushes Gargano like whatever he says goes. They tweet quotes from him like he’s some knowledgeable analyst and end it with @AnthonyLGaragno because remember you have to call him by the right name. What a douche. How did he get the morning gig. All 97.5 had to do was go outside the box, ironically like the eagles should do, and hire someone who’s not a retread. And he would be blowing Angelo away. I mean seriously how bad is Gargano that for how many people hate Angelos show, Gargano can only manage to tie or finish right below him in ratings

    1. umm, what?
      they end his quotes with his name because he is the one that said it. what’s so hard to understand about that? and it’s his twitter handle.
      anthony isn’t a NFL insider but he has connections in kansas city & denver, which schefter even verified. so yeah he is knowledgeable, probably not as much as you but were not all super geniuses who comment on a philly sports blog.

      1. Please what connections does he have? He’s the one who was calling Chip, “Chipicheck”. I’ve listened today and he hasn’t verified anything with any substance. It’s all speculation like how he felt about Chip. When he’s finally right about something maybe ill take him seriously. And I’m aware that’s his Twitter handle. But does any other host on either station have their own quotes tweeted out? No. Don’t be that guy who worships at the altar of a radio host

        1. And for all of your bitching & complaining about Gargano, your fat ass is still listening so what does that make you douchebag?

        2. What does Mcw get paid and what does she actually do?
          Why does Anthony always need to extend people’s names? “Oh it’s tommy ahhh….oh it’s mikey…..what’s going on joey?”
          Why does Anthony always go on about the city and not understanding the suburbs even though he grew up in Washington township?

          1. He lives in the city and has for years. No reason for him or me to understand Pottstown, Allentown, Bethlehem, Folcroft or any other crap suburb in Bucks County.

          2. Yea cuz! I actually grew up in the jersey burbs but go on about living in philly . When people call me out on it or ask if I know a place in philly I just go “ahh yess!!!”.

          3. first, i dont “worship the altar of a radio personality”. given how upset you are over this morning show, you should probably reevaluate some priorities in your life.

            second, if you dont like the show then dont listen. its thats simple.

            third, i could careless about MCW. she brings nothing but im not the one signing her or anyone elses check at 97.5 so they can do whatever they want. if i dont like what they are doing/talking about, i turn it off.

            move on, do something with your life instead of being furious over a morning talk show.

          4. Considering kyles radio war posts get over 100 comments I’m pretty sure you are in the minority. As a member of the audience, I believe I have the right to criticize show. And since the eagles are looking for a new coach, I’m listening to hear if anything happens. Sorry you feel like you’re so above everyone here. But you’re the one defending him like he’s your daddy or something. So if I’m the loser for fairly criticizing a show, what does that make you, the person sticking up for a show hosted by a man you’ve never met?

            And no one is furious about a show. I think it’s fair to want something better as a sports media in this town.

          5. you are allowed to criticize whatever you want and expect a better product, but when you complain like you have your period it’s kind of ridiculous.

            unless you have your period right now than i understand. which is why you would be furious.

            drink some cranberry juice, it will be alright.

          6. Angelo does the same thing. No caller is called by their given name. Maybe it’s a paisan thing.
            You don’t know me well enough to call me Howie or Nicky or Billy or Davey. Stunad’.

  7. what’s up with all these crazy teachers and coaches in the philly area? sick times we live in

  8. Might not be all that important, but how can that be a charge when the defender was basically under the basket. I would have speared the ref after that call as well!

    1. there is no restrictive circle in HS basketball, charges can happen under the basket in HS. College and NBA there is a semi circle under the basket where you can’t take a charge.

  9. My man keeping it real that’s how we do in the boro. J Devine grew up just like me hard core form the hood of bristol boro you cross us you get fucked up. Refree, interns we don’t care.

    1. Haha.nice. only thing that was funnier was that troll kylie calling that guard a stud

  10. Damn brother, how did Deadspin crush you on a story in your own backyard?

    Not sure you have “it” anymore, jack. Maybe it’s time to hand the title over to the Hulkster

  11. Who are these ass clown announcers? First of all you’re announcing a high school basketball game. Second you say “I know he didn’t mean to do it?” Yea most head butts are accidental.

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