Can’t believe I just wrote that headline, but Cowherd nails it here:

“[Philly is] very blue collar, tough guy [sarcastic voice] ‘We need Mike Ditka.’ San Francisco is has always been innovative. So they’re going to accept Chip Kelly as cerebral. This is true. I mean you go to the blue collar markets and they want tough, Detroit Pistons, bad boys, tough. What are the Lakers great teams all? Showtime, flashy.

Teams become their cities. Pittsburgh: tough. Chicago: tough. Philadelphia: working class, tough. ‘Who’s this Chip Kelly guy with his crazy new offense?’

Take chances, big risks: That is San Francisco. He’ll be embraced by people there. That’s San Francisco. I never thought he was a good fit in Philadelphia. I think they resented him. He wasn’t one of youse guys.”

He’s right– turn on the radio, read some comments here, or even listen to Seth Joyner tell Jamie Apody how a blue collar city needs a coach who embodies it, and you’ll see how this stupid-ass trope played at least a part in running Chip Kelly out of town, since everyone turned on him in a hurry at the first sign of trouble. Meanwhile, people in San Francisco – including front office, staff, media and fans – who aren’t allergic to progress, might actually embrace the sort of change Chip will bring.

I’m mad today. Obvs.

UPDATE: Response that we did embrace him early on is true. But fans and media turned on him and his ways so quickly by end of September this year it’s not even funny. And, at least in some circles, not the least of which is the one in which Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski sit around jerking each other, there are cries for “a Philly guy” to undo all the sorcery Chip implemented.