Josh Innes, Suspended for Calling Jason Kelce a House Negro, Says His Boss Lacks Stones

I’m sure Josh’s boss(es), including CBS bigwigs in New York, will be thrilled to hear that (his response to a listener saying he saw him in the KOP mall).

Side note: Hearing the decision to suspend him came from CBS Radio Philly VP David Yadgaroff, not Spike Eskin, and that CBS was continuing to gauge reaction to determine if additional action would be taken. Josh is scheduled to return to the air on Monday.

H/T to readers Charlie and Jim

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50 Responses

  1. The guy really is following the Howard Stern handbook word for word. The problem is that his lack of talent, slipping ratings, and company friendly contract don’t exactly make it a hard decision for management to make. He probably knows that he is on his way out due to the first two, so he is going to try to make it seem like he is a rebel instead of a guy whose act wore thin.

    1. When stern did it there were many radio companies. Now there are like 5.

      Stern was also (still is) incredible and unique.

      This guy is predictable and typical. Not made for the northeast. Try Atlanta or Charlotte.

  2. He’s right. CBS has no balls.

    I’m really sick of people wanting people to lose their job because they said something you don’t like.

    1. In my opinion balls has nothing to do with it. This last week seems calculated. Maybe it’s coincidence that this all happened soon after his second straight ratings drop, but it seems like he is just trying to spin the inevitable. A guy who crosses the line can be tamed and is salvageable, a guy who can’t draw is much worse.

      1. They paired her with a f@g like me because no straight man could take being next to such hotness for 8 hours straight. OOHGAH!

    1. This coming from the “insider” from a station that airs “best” of Cataldi from 5 to 8 on Saturday. That time couldn’t possibly be filled by a new guy or maybe a contest like wfan does where a listener gets a shot at sports talk.

  3. But the big story tonight – Kyle’s blatant conflict of interest in reporting anytjing ‘radiowars’ while making appearances on 97.5!

  4. Ok, we get it. You dont like Innes. All these posts about him show one thing though. You’re so jealous of him, blogger. You think you should have the attention/recognition he does and it kills you that he’s more famous than you are. Get over it, blogger. Now go make another stupid weather post.

    1. Oh hey Josh! Glad you could take time away from shoveling food into your disgusting maws to grace us with your obese presence!

    2. The blog content is good enough to lure you here and get you to post comments several times a day.

      If it’s as bad as you say, what does that say about how you spend your time?

  5. Kelce has been the house negro for every one of the 3 coaches he’s played for. Guess when you’re a marginally talented 6th-round pick at the most replaceable position on the field, you do what you gotta do to survive.

  6. Wip is the worst, they need fresh voices in there. They’ve had the same lineup since the 90’s. Cataldi talking bout 20 year Olds is just creepy, 97.5 4 life.

  7. Josh got a 3 day suspension for his HIGHLY OFFENSIVE (lol) comment. They would’ve fired him in a second if they didn’t plan on keeping him long-term. Sure, “house negro” wasn’t the best analogy… by the way, Kelce is a house negro. Kyle loves to be offended for others when it comes to Josh Innes. Also, there are no “RADIO WARS” when the source regularly appears on 97.5.

  8. Innes was good for 1 thing. Having the balls to rip Mikey miss n 97.5. After that he’s just annoying. Between him whining n sucking hollis’s dick all the time I just can’t listen no more. Also get rid of Ellis n pair mayes n joe younes together. All they would talk about is gambling, booze n sports, sounds like a winner

  9. I know this guy who does a blog about another guy that he is jealous of. Let’s call the first guy Adam and the other one Steve. Adam is jealous of Steve. So Adam sits in his basement blogging about Steve. Meanwhile Steve is upstairs doing things to Adams wife. The kind of things you can’t really talk about in public. Now while Steve is a douche bag, if Adam wasn’t such bitch things like that wouldn’t happen to him.

  10. Keep the no talent, reactionary, fat classless slob off the air and I might listen when MIssanelli is on commercial. Wasn’t it Josh who whined when people said his girlfriend was ugly and fat?? Now it’s easy for him to throw around hateful references. Hollis should have steam rolled over that devoid of talent ass.

    1. Yeah, hilarious and not true. I think this is Josh working on getting everyone to turn on the show today to help his ratings. Meanwhile, how about some threads on yesterday’s games and Manning beating Brady for the last time!

  11. This is Josh Innes. PLEASE listen to me today from 2-6 on WIP radio. I need help in the ratings department. PLEASE listen.

  12. Spike Eskin is such a worm. He’s always terrible on air,. He has zero personality. EVERYONE in Philly knows he only got his job Bc of who his dad is. He’s too much of a coward to stew out of that shadow (usually fails when he does.) no. WORST KEPT SECRET in Philly was he would worm his way onto an already successful radio program when Bruno left. Sure enough he did, and no surprise, ratings dropped. He proved how clueless he is with his dismissive reaction to Innes controversy last week. Dude go away!! You kill Philly radio. God he’s awful!

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