ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs are the leading candidate to get the 2017 Winter Classic for their “centennial season” (which seems like the type of thing about which Canadians would care entirely too much). But. BUT. But if they don’t get it, then a Flyers-Penguins Winter Classic, as has been rumored ever since man could stand upright, might be in the running:

Should Toronto not get the Winter Classic, sources said a Philadelphia Flyers-Pittsburgh Penguins matchup is possible for Jan. 1, either at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia or Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

Typically this rumor involves Beaver Stadium, too, but The Linc or Heinz Field make just as much sense. Last time around, the Eagles were said to not be so cooperative in discussions for an outdoor game, so it wound up getting played at Citizens Bank Park.

Personally, I prefer the games in baseball stadiums (more scenic), but, obviously, football stadiums hold upwards as twice as many people. So…. money.

Let’s get this rumor mill fired up. I can blog this into submission over the next six months.