Live Look Outside Chip Kelly’s House


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  1. I’m not even mad. I hope the movers call Chip halfway through and tell him that the help has all been traded to a new company. And just leave all his shit there. For him to deal with. I hope it starts to rain too. I will not miss this man, at all.

    1. You sound like a happy guy.

      Meanwhile Chip is gonna collect $ 6 mil next year to sit home and bang his 32 year old GF and you will be lonely as shit commenting on a sports blog haha fuckin tool!!

      1. Jason – how did you speak with Missee Mikeys bone in your mouth you bald headed queer

  2. Maybe one of the movers will spray rancid diarrhea in the box with all of his fine china.

  3. We always say play with emotion, don’t let emotion play with you so.
    You can’t throw the baby out with the bath water so
    We’re from Philadelphia and we fight so.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass so
    Da fuck outta here so

  4. Wonder if the movers stole any of chip’s 32 year old girlfriend’s panties

  5. OK, so they’re packing up the truck. What’s next? Does the truck slowly circle the country hoping for a destination while Chip waits for a job offer?
    My chart is wet.

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