Phillies Hire Former Google Employee as Director of Baseball Research and Development


The Phillies, finally paying attention to data and numbers and not just the ones contained in the box score, have gone outside… the box… to hire their new Director of Baseball Research and Development. According to Ryan Lawrence, they  hired Andy Galdi, who most recently served as a “YouTube Quantitative Analyst/Statistician” with Google. But he’s not just a numbers nerd, he’s a sports numbers nerd. [Editor’s note: Given that a substantial portion of my income, and Jim’s paycheck, comes from Google, please, Google, know that nerd is a genuine term of endearment. Jim, himself, is a nerd.]

Galdi, before Google, worked as a Baseball Operations Analyst for the St. Louis Cardinals on a part-time basis. He also spent two years working as an Officiating Analyst with the NBA, where he actually did pretty impressive things, if you’re a nerd:

• Created and managed a SQL database of play-by-play, betting line, and referee accuracy data

• Developed a Monte Carlo simulation of basketball to test the impact of potential rule chances on factors such as scoring, game time, and game competitiveness

• Modeled the probability of winning based on time remaining, score, and possession to analyze referee performance and to screen for suspicious calling patterns

• Evaluated published research concerning referee bias and accuracy to ascertain its value and applicability to internal models and processes

He also worked as an intern with the Mets where he “aided in development of team’s Bayesian hierarchical model for determining individual players’ fielding ability.” Yes. I definitely know what that means.

After years and years of ignoring analytics and advanced data like Larry Brown scouting an AAU game, the Phillies are headed sharply in the other direction. It actually feels kinda weird, but I like it. Kanye knows that feeling.

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22 Responses


    Meanwhile, he is now working for an actual sports team and is probably making $250,000/year with $$ bonuses based on Phillies’ overall performance.

    Somehow I doubt Kyle is paying you even close to that much and you don’t get o sit in any owners box to watch their team play. Fuck off Jim.

      1. Does anyone under 30 listen to Howard Stern? His fanboys are all closing in on 40, and the same lines over and over again are getting tired.

    1. I thought that, too. But at least they won’t be at a disadvantage when compared to other teams in the Moneyball department.

  2. jim, your posts are the worst…no need to doll it up, the absolute worst. I have been a loyal visitor to the site for a while now, but the last month or so has been the worst material, good god

  3. Oh my fake white guilt is going strong today. I’m going to lecture all the white people on how they are judging my man cam newton. It a big look within yourself day for my audience. I’ll be letting all of my radio audience know just how guilty they should feel for being born white.

  4. Jim you really are bad at this. Go back to being a pu$$y hipster who watches his girlfriend get plowed by black guys

    1. Sure you do. If you work on the Mountain View Campus, maybe not. But how many people want to hire google employees? why limit you earning potential to only working for google? you might be able to negotiate the same benefits and live somewhere more sustainable than $800k for a 1500sq ft. house.

    2. Correctomondo. Google showed him the door and this guy also interned with the Mets, and they got rid of him. Oh well, it’s the Phils so the operative word is sloppy seconds or in the Phils’ case sloppy thirds.

  5. Press conference to be held on Monday 730am

    Who will be there besides me, Jon Tannenwald, and the 50+ year guy who still goes by Boop ?

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