RADIO WARS: The Ratings

The latest Nielsen ratings are out for the “Holiday Period” running December 3 to December 30. Here’s how the local sports talk radio battle shakes out, and some additional information with regard to streaming numbers. All estimates are based on men 25-54:


6 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Angelo Cataldi and Co. on WIP earned an 8.3 over-the-air and a 0.2 on the stream, for a combined total of 8.5. Anthony Gargano and friends on 97.5 earned a 6.5 over-the-air and 1.1 on the stream, for a combined total of 7.6.


10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Mike and Ike on WIP earned a 6.3 over-the-air and a 0.5 on the stream, for a combined total of 6.8. Harry and Rob on 97.5 are in the mix, they earned a 4.8 over-the-air and a 2.0 over the stream, for a combined total of 6.8.


2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

And in the main event, Mike Missanelli earned a 6.7 over-the-air and a 1.6 on the stream, for a combined total of 8.3. Josh Innes and compadres earned a 6.1 over-the-air and a 0.3 on the stream, for a combined total of 6.4.

Few things to call out as it pertains to Missanelli-Innes: This is the second-straight month Missanelli has won over-the-air, after losing to Innes, over-the-air, most of last year. Missanelli’s over-the-air lead increased from 0.3 points last month to 0.6 points this month. In fact, Missanelli’s over-the-air number beat Innes’ OTA-stream combined number– 6.7 to 6.4. So no matter how you shake it or spin it, Missanelli won last month, and increased his lead doing so.

There’s been a lot of contention surrounding the inclusion of streaming estimates, which Nielsen measures from the same sample group as over-the-air numbers but doesn’t officially recognize combination of the two, which, as you can see in our little bloviatory skirmish, works in 97.5’s favor. It makes sense, however, to combine them, especially since you’re comparing apples to apples (0.1 is worth the same OTA as it is on the stream). Josh Innes thinks I’m a biased asshole for doing it this way, presumably because, a few months ago, he cold-called me out of the blue to give me his winning over-the-air number and then got upset when I obtained the full report, included the stream, and declared Mike the winner. We, um, discussed it earlier this month:

Voila_Capture 2016-01-19_01-15-22_PM

Longtime sports talk radio man and Philly guy John Kincade, currently in Atlanta, chimed in on that conversation and backed Nielsen’s currently antiquated refusal to acknowledge the combination of both numbers:

Voila_Capture 2016-01-19_01-20-06_PM Voila_Capture 2016-01-19_01-20-15_PM

OK, I’ll respond to the caller’s question. Two things:

  1. I’m hearing that stations are actually seeing higher numbers (compared to estimates) on the hard listener data available to them for the stream. In some cases, much higher. It goes to show just how wrong estimates can be, regardless of listening device. But it also shows that including the stream is a very necessary thing to do in 2016, given how many people choose to listen that way.
  2. Also hearing that, maybe as early as the spring, Nielsen will begin “total line reporting”– either officially blessing stations to combine their OTA and stream number for advertising (or dick-measuring) purposes, or combine the two into one overall number for purposes of ranking stations. [Currently, the OTA and stream numbers are broken out on separate line items, advertising is sold off only the OTA number, and hosts are bonused off only the OTA number.]

So, despite gripes from the likes of Innes and Kincade, it seems Nielsen will finally step into the decade and begin combing OTA and stream numbers, which, for Innes, and WIP overall, probably won’t be a good thing. MY MUSIC OH SO LOUD:

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55 Responses

    1. stopped listening to innes sometime last year when he jumped the shark – i think it was around the time he stopped brutally harrassing missy, which i loved. listening to missy now unfortunately as innes’ bad attitude and sarcasm are worse than a 7th grader. man card revoked-missanelli still talks about getting his nails done and other stupid crap while name-calling myrtetis all day and insulting anyone he can like a 5 year old but at least he knows sports. id love to punch missanelli out in person but at the same time hes listenable while innes is completely shot.

      1. The Happiness In Jeff Hornacek's children's hearts when he did that stupid fucking thing on free throws says:

        Missanelli doesn’t know sports any more. He’s completely mailing it in. In fact, he can’t even remember the right lines from Midnight Run any longer, and one that goes, what’s left?

  1. i hate this stupid radio stuff….anything else on our other teams? nothing on the awesome sixers game ysterday…even tho they lost

      1. Not a chance. Jeff is married to this guy for at least 5 years. Cutting ties before that changes the perception of Lurie. He goes from the patient guy who gave Reid 14 years, to the guy that is no different than the bottom tier owners of teams like the Browns and Raiders, with their ever changing coaches. Jeff’s ego is also on the line. Unlike Kelly, Pederson is a guy who was on no one else’s radar. Lurie has to prove just how smart he is with this coaching choice. Having to find a new coach so soon, or having to fire Doug before Kelly gets the boot would all be signs of failure.

  2. I’ll go ahead and agree with MPP. Kyle youve been a whiny bitch lately. What has this baby done to you?

  3. Solid article.

    Swing on by for some tasty wings and your favorite beer on me.

    Radio Wars is officially brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings.

  4. I’m sure Gargano having Kyle on his show as a “expert member of the media” has nothing to do with Kyle’s bullshit bending of ratings numbers to 97.5’s favor.

    I’m just surprised he didn’t write that his former WIP insider Anthony Gargano was beating Cataldi.

  5. Yeah these radio wars articles have jumped the shark. People are gonna listen to whoever they want and all we can do is have our own opinions of different shows. But I am glad to see Angelo opening up a lead on that loser Cuz. Innes cant win without Bruno. I think that’s pretty obvious. And replacing him with Hollis was just a terrible move. But the most obvious think about this article is how bad the middays are for both shows.

  6. I listen mostly through streaming and I honestly believe advertising is more effective through streaming because I can’t press preset #2 on my car to switch to another station.

  7. Insert un-important, non-factual, opinionated, improperly spelled & punctuated comment here.

    Oh, and the numbers are the numbers, bra. Even if we go with the antiquated system that is radio listeners only…why would you waste your time arguing the poster is biased?

  8. cutting edge journalism at it’s best right here.
    can’t wait to read more about how Doug Pederson is not fit to be a coach because of his hair and how dopey he looks.

  9. At least the Fanatic came to their senses and threw Sean Brace on the street. The mid day show is a million times more listenable. Now Brace spends his days posting comments on this site under different handles.

  10. It’s clear 97,5 has won the overall war. They were able to increase their morning ratings from M&M which bled into their late morning show. Mike Miss is again the leader in mid days.

    When this began, all 97.5 had was Mike Miss, now they can compete in all day parts.

  11. Solid numbers for a station with a morning show still in their infancy. Josh Innes went from a guy you were curious about, to a guy who wore out his welcome quick. I think it was easy to see that the novelty of his show would die and their every-changing co-hosts doesn’t help that cause. Not to mention, Hollis is god awful. Both have piss poor midday shows. Rob Ellis is too Danny Tannerish for my liking and pairing him up with Harry isn’t enough to carry that show. Gargano is hard to listen to, but Cataldi is impossible to listen to…so Gargano is better only by default. WIP is still living off the “Only game in town” numbers and in 2 years we’ll see if he really has the more popular show…or if he’s living off tradition.

    1. Innes should request control of all personnel decisions, then he can get fired by next year.

  12. Love the Radio Wars articles, the comment section lights up with comedy. I’m still wondering how anyone can stomach Mike and Ike. Regardless of their content, which I assume is mediocre, their combined voices make listening insufferable. I listen to the 97.5 morning show regularly and can say that they’re either 1) a completely unlistenable show or 2) one that can just barely sustain itself. It’s still missing something. Also, has the bro ever worked with a soundboard? Dude, I don’t mind the drops, but goddamn mix it up a bit. It’s not funny dropping the same one and also you drop the shittiest sounds. Take lessons form Younes. Where the hell did bro find those shit drops?

    Glad Miss is back in front, still gets on my nerves, but I think that’s inevitable with any drive time sports host in a major market.

  13. UN-like the cop in Reservoir Dogs, when I hear most of these guys on the radio, I want someone to chop my ear off, please! Cataldi has possibly the worst voice in radio, and the content on the show, is so moronic, I don’t know how he is still on the air after all these shit filled years. Ike Reese, god love him as an Eagle, but I think he may need throat surgery. Gargano, and his Phaux-Philly, bro, cuz, wiseguy voice….please get me the knife, I’ll do it myself. I thought radio people were supposed to be golden voiced, smooth and silky, not grating and ear piercing. Go away, all of you.

    1. The only one on 97.5 who has a radio voice is Harry Mayes. Innes chased away the one guy at WIP who had a voice for radio – Tony Bruno.

  14. As predicted….Radio Wars comes out today after being on 97.5…..and we have a new winner??

  15. As someone who streams the Philly stations everyday from Denver, CO, it is important to acknowledge the stream numbers. The world of radio listening is ever evolving and because of streams we have choice in what an who we listen to. Personally, I listen to 97.5 throughout the week, because I love the hosts. On the weekends, I will listen to Ray and Glenn on 94.1. I appreciate the ability to listen to Philly sports talk anytime I want, and the hope is that each station will pay attention to all the numbers and put forth the best talk radio.

    1. Not a huge Glen fan. He thinks he’s really smart and learned, but he’s just a dope sports guy. But he and Ray are a solid team. Probably the only show I can listen to on WIP.

    2. Why would paying Philadelphia advertisers care about someone streaming from CO? What don’t you understand about that not applying here?

  16. Hey Bo

    I told ya to report that I was on vacation for most of that month. Go back, make the change and we’ll be Awesome again

  17. Great…now we have to hear whiny Josh talk about how the ratings are flawed and that he somehow turns these figures into a win for WIP. Stop the Radio Wars posts, and we might actually hear some sports talk, or at least a good prank song about Pederson’s excitement about being hired.

  18. kincade is a fraud who can’t cut it in a real market. missanelli probably gets more listeners on his stream than kincade’s garbage weekend national cbs show. what a bum.

    1. John Kincaide is a pompous asshole who thinks he is a comedian. Everytime he is on the morning show he makes these lame jokes and Angelo laughs his ass off. I don’t even know why he is on there except he seems to be friendly with Angelo and Rhea. Anyway, I haven’t heard him on there in awhile but I also haven’t been listening much. But he is one of those people who is so full of himself, you instantly dislike him.

  19. Whatever the ratings come out to be, it is clear Kyle loves to ruffle up Josh and poke fun at him. Also his love for 97.5 is very clear and antiquated or not, streaming isn’t included when selling commercials.

    Say what you will about Innes but there isn’t anything like him on sports radio. You can swap out 90% of the hosts on both stations with eachother have the same boring show with the same accents. We have had THEE most boring radio in years with the same hosts on both stations.

  20. Cataldi – only listen to him if you aren’t interested in any legitimate sports talk
    Morganti- tries to throw his extremely dry wit and then laugh at his own comment – doesn’t work
    Rhea-only interested in talking what she has, what she has done, where she goes…and Temple
    Keith Jones-not too bad, adds some humorous comments
    Barkann-not horrible and fairly intelligent, but needs to lose the “in the hopper” comment
    Reese-brings nothing other than talking over Barkann
    Innes-had interest out of the gate due to being new in town, but quickly got old……VERY quickly
    Ellis-thinks he is above the listeners.
    Harry-not too bad, but his cohost brings down the whole show
    Missanelli-too pompous on most occasions.

    1. spot on – Innes is the fat clown at the frat who is funny at first, then just turns into the chronic attention whore.

  21. Do you think if The New Great Sports Debate was still on the air (and we’re all glad it isn’t) and Kyle was still making appearances that he would be taking this stance on the ratings? Yeah, me neither.

  22. Radio ratings during the month of December are considered unimportant, and do not even get considered towards the winter ratings block. This article is misleading. The fact that the writer didn’t even point this out really brings into question the bias so many have accused crossing broad of.

    1. Yeah, this too. Kyle never points anything out that goes against his bought views. If he did point this out, his source at 97.5 could easily dry up.

  23. The WIP app is pure garbage. GARBAGE. Missy wins simply because the Iheartradio app is better designed and just…better all around. As for the radio ratings (which any DJ including Howard Stern says its the only thing to pay attention to), they matter significantly more than streaming. You argue the importance of it (even though you’ve never done radio) because it would simply undermine your shitty podcast but I digress.

    Innes lost and is more than likely out he door within the next 2 months but because you don’t like him personally, you’ll use your website as a vehicle in order to shuffle him off his radio-coil. Classy move Kyle, real classy. You’re like Deadspins dead fetus.

    1. Sweet jesus — just get the TuneIn radio app already and listen to both stations whenever the fuck you feel like it. Problem solved.

  24. I wonder if Rhea will still be interested in Innes now that he’s a big fat loser and has a murky future at the station.

  25. I don’t even own a radio, except for in my car. On the rare occasions I am in the mood to listen to any of the shows it’s thru the live stream on my phone or the podcasts on iTunes. It may not be an official way to measure yet, but TV figured out ways to factor in ratings for delayed viewing on DVRs and On Demand/streaming as well. Radio waiting so long to get on board is weird.

  26. Ellis has got to go. Never lets anyone get a rebuttal. Ellis thinks he is above the listeners and his opinion is it and every callers is crap. Guy ran a kid before he could even finish his point. Bring back Bruno and Mayes. Feel bad for Mayes always gets the short end of the stick

  27. Looks like Innes blocked everyone on Twitter. I’m done with this guy. He likes to dish it out but runs away when someone calls him out on his BS. The biggest shit talker on radio ia nothing more then a pansy ass wussy with no balls.

  28. Here’s a NEWS FLASH!!! 97.5 EMPLOYEES are logging on streaming all day long. They long on for a few minutes then log off. Then log back on. The problem with streaming it isn’t how long you listen it’s total listeners. So those streaming numbers are really a strech for 97.5. I’m told the hosts even log in. Sad then promote their streaming numbers

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