RADIO WARS: Twitter Beefs

Oh, what’s that, smoldering over there in the extinguished tire fire that is the Philadelphia sports scene? Why it appears to be the 97.5 mid-day show taking a mostly unprovoked swipe at Josh Innes, perhaps fueled by the BAD BLOOD present between Innes and Rob Ellis after Innes essentially took Ellis’ job at WIP [UPDATE: It should be noted that Rob and Harry don’t control their show’s Twitter account and that it’s likely run by a producer, so the actual exchange here is Josh vs. 97.5 producer]:

Voila_Capture 2016-01-29_10-47-49_AM Voila_Capture 2016-01-29_10-47-58_AM Voila_Capture 2016-01-29_10-48-35_AM Voila_Capture 2016-01-29_10-48-54_AM

DAMN. Josh?

Voila_Capture 2016-01-29_11-00-23_AM

Score one for Innes. Ye response was put on a tee and he knocked it out of the park.

What do the ratings have to say? Well, again, it depends on how you choose to skin that particular cat. If you are an industry folk and don’t believe that streaming estimates should be included because they’re not in your favor, then Innes’ 6.1 last month stomped all over Harry and Rob’s 4.8. But, when you factor in the stream – something which makes sense to do especially in mid-days when a majority of people are at work – Harry and Rob earned a combined 6.8 to Innes’ 6.4. Though that’s in the highly erratic holiday month. Typically, Innes gets a number over 8, which Harry and Rob haven’t touched. Hard not to count this squabble as a victory for Josh. MARCH ON:

Side note: The answer to Harry and Rob’s question is Steph Curry. Who wants to give me tickets for tomorrow? No way I’m paying $200 to sit in the second level, which is the going rate on the secondary market. I will, however, pay $150 sight-unseen for anything in the first 15 rows of the first level. Expense that, save ~25%, and it’s a cool $110 or so for first level seats to see the most electrifying man in sports. This is how you bargain.*

*No one is going to sell me tickets at that price, but it’s worth a shot.

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92 Responses

  1. Josh spent an hour yesterday trying to figure out what to do with today’s show ON AIR. Basically just coming up with things that Mikey Miss has done (violations, general knowledge, rankings, brackets). Why couldn’t my dad have worked at 975?

    1. But the headlines oh the headlines
      Big Johnson extention
      Cox shoots up middle and getting paid for it
      Eagles taking care of their johnson and cox
      Stiff competition. Johnson gets $ before cox
      Johnson to stay in backend

  2. glad were writing about twitter wars and radio beefs…and not Lane Johnsons new 6 year deal.


      1. How about some statistics on what Lane has done and compare that to other Guards around the league. You think this is a good or bad deal? Where else should the Eagles be looking?

        Don’t make us do your job for you.

        1. oh yea, let me gaze at those OL stats! I think I’ll just continue on with my life.

          Do they even have OL stats?

        2. You need to get a life if you want to know OL stats. And before you say people need a life for caring about radio wars. No one actually cares except a handful of people. We come here to trash the hosts because they all suck and to be honest the comment sections on these posts are way more entertaining. Now go call into a radio show if you care so much.

      2. Lane Johnson, he of PED use and bold statements, signed a 6 year extension with Eagles worth up to $63.3 million with a little over $35 million guaranteed. Johnson was Chip Kelly’s first draft pick as coach of the Eagles , taking him #4 overall back in the 2013 draft. While many at the time thought it was a reach given that Johnson had only played offensive tackle for a year, Kelly fell in love with his athleticism and took him to be a plug and play starter. He proved to be much more ready to play than expected, thriving in run blocking his rookie year on a line that led the league in rushing. In year two he made the jump in pass protection and was named Pro Football Focus’ first team All Pro RT, despite missing the first four games due to a PED suspension. Although he, along with the rest of the Eagles OL, had an up and down 2015, Lane has been what you hope for in a top 10 draft pick, and projects as a long term LT after Jason Peters retires.

        Channeling his inner Eric Cartmenez, Johnson has cheated his way to success, but goddammit if I care as long as he’s bustin’ skulls in the run game and keeping pass rushers off the Eagles QB. Let’s be honest though, when you have the chance to make $35 million guaranteed, you’re going to at least consider using PED’s. Hell, I’m considering taking PED’s just to bulk up for beach season. And almost everyone in the pros, whether it’s HGH (Johnson, Terrell Suggs, James Harrison), Adderall (the entire Seahawks defense) , or the occasional deer antler spray (Uncle Ray Ray) , is using something to gain an advantage. Which is why no one really cared when Johnson got suspended last year, because it’s about on the field performance. Johnson has said things that have angered some people, like Kyle Scott, he of sand in his vagina, but Johnson has faced the media the whole year and given opinions during good times and bad, unlike most players. As long as he continues to hone his craft , Lane should have a long and illustrious career in Philadelphia, while hopefully continuing to provide juicy quotes for the minions to feast on.

        1. If they can mask them from detection more power to them. You want to know why. I’m sick and tired of other teams winning titles. I hope the E a g l e s use whatever methods are necessary to get to the top. I don’t care if deflate footballs, put hidden microphones in the locker room, get a copy of the playbook. I just want a parade down Broad Street. We have been screwed long enough. Bad drafts, lousy coaches, clueless owners. Enough already. What ever it takes.

  3. Not totally unprovoked. Guessing that was Younes since he’s sparred with innes and producers at 94.1 in the past.

    1. Sure has raspy, motor mouth Younis all over that tweet. Younis needs to stay in the producer’s room and the hell off radio. That friggin voice and stream of consciousness blabbing on Saturday mornings is way too painful to the human ear.

  4. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. No one who knows anything about sports listens to sports talk radio, let alone gives a shit who is occupying the seats of the radio stations. Ultimate tool move 1: call any of those dipshits. Tool move 2: talk about those dipshits.

  5. Is it a violation that I jerk off to MCW? Something about her voice reminds me of a high school girl reading the morning announcements.

  6. Until you beat the carnival barker and the special teams player, stay in your lane middays. Josh may not beat Mike Miss. But he would destroy Ellis and mayes in the midday slot.

  7. I dare Joe Younes to come at me. Go ahead Younes, hide behind that twitter handle and eat something you fat Egyptian load of butter.

  8. put the radio wars shit to bed…this is terrible. If you still care about sports radio in this town right now you’re an idiot. It’s a waste of time based on what’s on the air.

    1. They had some guy on wip on Monday or Tuesday night that I swear didn’t suck. Thought it was a mistake and that I had the wrong Internet station on. Don’t know who and not in website

  9. Kyle, random question… Do you have any specific knowledge whether or not Rob reads your site?

    I suspect he does and I also believe he keeps it up during their show. Whenever CB posts an obscure post, the next segment he mentions it. I also think it’s funny that two days ago on the CB comment section a conversation was had about how their show tends to be one topic beaten to death for four hours and today they mixing it up and taking suggestions on what to talk about.

    1. Almost all of the local radio hosts read the site, though I don’t know who takes direction from comment section.

    2. Was surprised he had bruno on BOB and on the mid day show for a call in..(plus the fact people said a caller said how he loved bruno on the air and rob was then rude to him). rob must see the comments how everyone loved bruno mayes and most think rob is boring. … I must say they must have thick skin if they read the comment boards

    1. If I expense the tickets, I’m still paying for them, but essentially it saves me 25% give or take since I won’t be paying taxes on them.

      1. Married filing jointly – 25% – Max you are pulling is 150K… thanks for just telling us how much you make.

        1. Or maybe he was just generalizing and doesn’t know what tax bracket he falls in.

          I wasted all that time googling tax brackets.

          And of course it is a business expense and not an income expense, so everything tax man 1 and my dumb ass makes no sense at all.

          1. What responsible person “DOES NOT KNOW” what tax bracket they fall in?

            Crossing Broad is an LLC… profits flow down to the individuals. If Kyle didn’t expense it with CB and paid for it from his income and never wrote it off that is part of his income… and he is the one who said 25% is the tax then paid..

            Good try…

          2. Do not bring your taxes to me. I am friggin clueless.

            That’s embarrassing.

            I just googled tax brackets and made a bunch of crap up so I could pretend I one Kyle’s income.

            Self employed people generally pay a 25% tax through the year, then work their way to the real bracket when they reconcile at tax time.

            Have no clue what Kyle makes and he wasn’t talking about a tax bracket. Stupid me.

  10. With that fat isis member looking producer(joe younes) constantly interrupting Harry & Rob, I mainly listen to the Ike & Mike show.

  11. If I had won powerball, I would’ve offered Josh Innes his own KFC and a free ticket out of town. I think he would’ve taken the deal.

  12. Damn no mention of the report that Cox is about to get paid too. Some “other ” blog is killing it. Crossing Broad needs to step it up.

  13. The only winner in anything that has to do with Josh Innes is the local fast food establishments and the sugar industry.

  14. Yeah he is. Also is giving out the 97.5 phone number. He is a clever fat man. Sitting around eating and watching MTV seems to be helping him come up with new bits.

    1. Innes is a genius. Coming up with that. O & A did that. They also called up the competitor and won a prize. I’m still waiting for him to come up with something funny

  15. Instead of solitary confinement, prisoners should be forced to listen 24/7 to 4 hours of Ellis and then 4 hours of Innes and his obese incoherent partner.

  16. I’m sure all of Josh’s 15 year old boys in his audience are rolling on their bed room floor listening to his penis bits. Yup, this is the drive time hosts go to move in the 4th largest market in the country.

  17. It’s a running joke on 97.5 that all employees log on and off all day on streaming. Then they have kyle promote the bogus streaming numbers. Here is the problem with a person can log on to streaming listen for 2 minutes log back on and that counts as two listeners. You do that all day and that will really fudge the numbers. Hilarious

    1. You can do that all day long, but unless you are part of the Nielsen group it didn’t mean a thing.

  18. Josh is literally doing the Ellis and Mays show from this week…every topic from every day…this is priceless. Has Innes given up on Missanelli?

  19. Harry is great but show really has gone down since rob took over… as I have stated on numerous occassions bruno mayes is my fav sports show of all time… but I even prefered eytan w harry over Rob. I just think rob is boring and kinda condescending when people don’t agree w him (at least other hosts are funny when they are condescending) rob just comes off as a kid that got picked on and is now a fake bully…

  20. Anyone stream 975? Have you heard the new Martinez commercial with his kids ? Is the one autistic or something ? I couldn’t understand a damn thing he said

  21. Btw surprised these handles have not been used
    House n@@@@@
    Kyles unanswered survey
    Barkhan’s hopper
    Spikes enormous nose hair
    Rob Ellis’s stolen lunch money

  22. Listened to Josh tonight. The Anthony thing was funny for a few minutes and got old. Like Steve from Preston and Steve, he wouldn’t stop and it stopped being funny.

    1. I caught the end of it and it was a pretty good ‘cuz’. I can’t believe that I actually listened to Josh’s show for 5 minutes but that was pretty good. There isn’t much that I hate more than GARGANBLOWS and his fake deigo tough guy talk. With all of his meat locker crap (WTF, lamest thing I’ve heard on radio) and his slobbering over everyone who calls in to the show. That whole show is shitty, Marks is just a yes man and that producer needs to go back to being silent because he makes no sense and has no sports knowledge, and that awful fucking girl that stutters through her monotone readouts and says the stupidest shit that I’ve ever heard – Jesus fucking Christ on a banana! But ‘Ant’ is the fucking worst, he’s such a f@g and that is obvious. I think that I only hate Perv-gelo and Dia-rhea slightly more than old mush mouth WOP boy. Mornings suck enough already without having to listen to the crap that we have for morning shows. Fuck them all and I hope they die.

    1. I guess you think winners & weasels, general knowledge Wednesday, fake laughs & rants, Godfather & Seinfeld, are real entertainment.

      1. If you are talking to me, no I don’t. My WIP listening time is down to Saturdays and Sundays when Ray and Glen are on and once in awhile at 10 p.m. for an hour or so if Jody Mac is on. The rest has become pure garbage from pervert “Uncle Angelo” to the moronic Haddid and John Johnson.

  23. Dam,innes ate Ellis n gargano’s lunch today. gargano has to retaliate, ellis is too much of a preppy tool to stand up for himself, innes destroyed him the last hr. He needs to call him out on monday, BTW Ellis is killing harry, mayes keeps getting paired up wit tools. Bring back bruno or baldy.

    1. Garganblows won’t do shit, he’s a pussy. You are right, so is Ellis. I didn’t hear it but hopefully it roasted that pompous f@g. He is bringing Mayes down, but Baldy? Da fuck are you smoking???? Baldy is the fucking worst. He tells and retells the lamest fucking stories. So sick of hearing that fucking leech on the station, he should have been shitcanned instead of Bruno… Fucking hope Baldy gets AIDS and his nasty pinky falls off.

  24. Innes was hilarious today…

    He destroyed not only 97.5 today but traditional sports radio talk in general.

    The Prime time/ Slime time was great, and he literally did the Ellis and Mayes show’s week in 4 hours…I love Mayes but Ellis is awful. He is the most boring, condescending person on the radio and he can. not. stop. talking…

    I like Gargano but that impression was hilarious. The Cuz is a caricature of the South Philly Guy with a distinct accent and personality…it’s an easy impression but it was great.

    Innes doesn’t have great sports knowledge but he’s entertaining when doing these things.

    I wish 97.5 would hit back a little harder because Philly sports sucks right now…

    Innes probably doesn’t have many shows left and is going to make his mark.

    1. Best radio segment i’ve heard in a long time. I was laughing my ass off the whole time, especially after listening to gargano that morning. Radio gold!

    1. A-men brotha! CLLLLAAAASSSSIIICCCC!!!!! Yo Bo, get that shit up on the interwebs! Da bro will do it while we sit around and slam pepperoni up our butts! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Dat’s classssiiiccc! Yo Bo, yo Bo, yo Bo did I evar tell youz about da time me and my cousin double-teamed this broad? Well, it turns out ‘she’ was a guy! CLLLAAASSSSSIIICC! Ahhh what a time. I’m a meat. Know what I mean? In the meat locker banging dudes! Yes sir! Know who else is a meat? Those guys that sang that YMCA song. Yeah, they’re meats! Right Johnny Marks? HAHAHAHAHAHH! Cccclllllaaaaaasssiiiic meats! Cold cuts in the meat locker BABY! I drove through South Philly once so that makes me from there right? Can’t tell youz guys how much salami I smoked in my day if ya know what I mean! Boy, I do love the meat. Once I jacked it to Baldy saying my name and that was so good! Oh Bo, the only better time was when I saw Spag’s c0ck while he was pissing once. Oh bo! Gave the goose pimples! Know what I mean Bo? CCLLLLAAAASSSIIICCC!

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