Sylvester Stallone wins Golden Globe for Creed

Below, the end of his speech where he thanks his imaginary friend Rocky Balboa:

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17 Responses

  1. In honor of Sylvester Stallone winning a golden globe for Creed, expect a heavy dosage of questions centered around quotes from Sylvester Stallone movies by Mikey Miss.

  2. Did anyone actually hear joe younes bragging the other day about how he was going to have his wife delay giving birth so he could watch football? What a fat fucking pathetic loser. Imagine what his wife must look like if she is willing to marry a guy who is not only disgustingly obese, but a neglectful shit bag as well.

  3. Hey Joe Younes you are nothing but a big tub of butter you Egyptian fraud. Why don’t you eat another Mayo Popsicle you Syrian Hoagie.
    How is your wife and my kid doing? Tell your mother I said hello.

    Adam ‘Big Balls” Reigner
    AKA Harleysville’s Macho Man

  4. Let me get this straight. Jim gets paid for “writing” two straight posts with a combined 23 words? Please tell me he gets minimum wage. Kyle you can do better.

  5. This was an award basically saying thanks for the Rocky character and the 900 pile of turd movies you have put out since 1976

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