What A Savage Move By Tom Coughlin

My God, Coughlin’s reactions are still the best, even after being fired stepping down. I wish he would’ve thrown a clipboard at Mara.

Reached for comment on the diss, John’s daughter [edit: niece], Kate, just looked at us seductively:

Voila_Capture 2016-01-05_11-48-39_AM

Thanks, Kate.


13 Responses

  1. Would probably slide my dick down her shirt and fart in her face at the same time

  2. “Reached for comment on the diss, John’s daughter*, Kate….”

    *John’s “niece” Kate

    Come on, put some effort into these things

  3. I’d love to flip Alex Holley up into a standing 69 stance while Karen hepp sits in the corner Fingering herself

  4. She looks borderline insane. That being said, I would still let her use my mouth as a toilet, much like the one’s i clean at Pitcher’s

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