Would You Do This Trade For D’Angelo Russell?

Never mind the fact that his name is “D’Angelo” and not “DeAngelo” and Mr. HoopsCritic is mostly known around these parts as being a salty Hinkie-hater: According to Brian Geltzeiler, the Lakers are open to trade talks involving this year’s second-overall draft pick, D’Angelo Russell. So here is where I ask, would you do this:


Here’s what that does for the Sixers: It clarifies their structure in the frontcourt with the semi-logjam of Noel, Embiid, and Okafor. To do this, you gotta have some REAL confidence in Embiid’s health, but if you do, pulling that trigger is easier to digest. It also gives you a great shot at pulling in this year’s golden goose, Ben Simmons. By removing the top-3 pick protection on the Lakers’ pick, you essentially end up with a 44.9% chance – in the likely event that the Sixers and Lakers end up with the two worst records in the NBA – of getting that top overall pick. The Sixers would also then get another pick – either their own or the Lakers’ – which would be, at worst, fourth overall, while sacrificing two picks likely to be from 15-25 in the process. Additionally, if you believe the pre-draft talk, Russell is who the Sixers really wanted anyway, since they need a guard.

That would mean the Sixers’ 2017 lineup could look like this: D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram (with your second draft pick), Ben Simmons (with your first draft pick), Nerlens Noel, Robert Covington, Dario Saric, Joel Embiid, and whomever else they grab. The real key in the deal is drastically improving your shot at the number one pick– Simmons.

But this is just a fun little exercise, mainly. The Lakers were previously asked to remove that pick protection for Goran Dragic and those talks went nowhere. However, they’re sitting Russell because he’s literally trying to win games, while Kobe is happily flailing about in the name of HONOR. I’m driven by the fear that not only do the Lakers keep their pick this year, but it’s #1 and they get Simmons, leaving the Sixers one step short again. This fixes that.

Would you do it?

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27 Responses

        1. Since i retired from the Oakland Raiders i became a flag football coach
          at Uranus Univ. I’ll quit my job and play for the sixers for 10mil a yr.
          …no wait a minute…..forget it…i can’t play for any shitttty team that is worse than
          the raiders………maybe you dumb fuckkkkas can get RGIII or Johnnie Football……..

  1. No chance in hell the Lakers would remove the protection from the pick.

    Take that out, Russell for Okafor straight up, then yes.

  2. No shot the Lakers would accept that offer. Maybe if it was Okafor, Heat and Thunder pick for Russell straight up. No way they give up a top 3 pick along with last year’s #2 pick for Okafor and 2 shitty late 1st rounders.

  3. Na, Lakers are surely not giving up the protection on the pick considering they are in good position to keep a top 3 slot. Nice to dream though.

  4. This is why Colangelo was brought in. As a backer of ‘The Process’, I still sit here and admit that Hinkie would walk into Harris’ office with Powerpoint (excuse me, PowerPoint) in hand and explain why this deal wouldn’t make sense and blow the chance of getting D’Angelo (why would anybody care about how his fucking name is spelled, if Jordan’s name was spelled Jordyn would it have mattered??). But combining Hinkie’s innate skill of stockpiling picks by taking on bad player contracts and cap room manipulation with Colangelo’s ability to ‘make a deal’ and now 76’er fans are talking. Get rid of those two picks in the teens where draft picks regularly fail and solidify two of the top four picks with two top picks already coming in Embiid & Saric and next year is the step forward the organization needs. They have enough picks with the ability to take on more or free agents next year and beyond to do this deal now, so do it. Russell (is that spelling ok?) is worth it as he’s finally getting some swagger in the league.

  5. Good post, Jim, I’ll give credit when it is due. I’m not sure about Embiid, his health obviously impacts that deal.

  6. This may be the dumbest trade proposal in history. There is NO WAY IN HELL the Lakers would do this. You would have a better chance of inventing a time machine. Going back to 1990 and getting the Bulls to give you Michael Jordan for Elton Brand. In fact just the fact of inventing the time machine is a 1000 times more likely than this trade EVER happening.

  7. When that time machine is invented, Kyle please use it travel back in time and stop yourself from hiring Jim. Better yet, travel a little further back and convince Jim’s mom to abort.

  8. Dumb hypothetical trade. Their pick this year unprotected in the most valuable asset in that trade. Lakers would never do that trade in a million years.

  9. Kyle, after you have Jim’s mom abort her dense fetus, can you travel back to Berlin in June of 1941 and explain to Hitler that invading the Soviet Union is a colossal mistake.

  10. hypotheticals like these are inane: drawn up in favor of the home town. Of course you would do that. Rarely does someone ask why the hell would the lakers surrender so much? Stupid. I hope LA doesn’t read this blog, they won’t stop laughing.

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