Your Monday Morning Roundup

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It snowed a lot and basically nothing else happened locally!

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Hey, if you don’t wanna cry today, maybe don’t watch this tribute Chris Fowler did to one of his co-workers before broadcasting Australian Open tennis:

Pey-ton’s in the Su-per Bowl

How disrespectful of these Eagles fans pretending to be Pats fans:

Mike Trout: Weather dork.

Stoners gonna stone:

Ryan Glasspiegel of The Big Lead on how the Eagles made a mockery of the Rooney Rule. Kyle: I completely disagree with this. The rule, set up as it is, is patronizing to minority candidates, who, perhaps like Duce Staley, often aren’t seriously considered, but get their names put out their followed by “which allows [team] to fulfill the Rooney Rule.” When you have such a high-profile job search, it’s hard to implement something like this without making it out to be a farce.


Super Bowl 50 will be Evan Mathis vs. Kurt Coleman, if you wanna just feel really great about it.

Spring training is almost here, but it seems to far away:

Winter Storm Jonas officially ranks as the fourth biggest winter storm in Philadelphia history, so you can complain about shoveling out yesterday for a couple of weeks.

Weather Channel brought out the drones:

Pat Shurmur, who was long rumored to be the front-runner for the Eagles head coaching job though it looks like he was fourth or fifth, has been hired by the Vikings as an assistant.

Philly’s own Danny Garcia snagged the vacant WBC welterweight title this weekend.

Jessica Camerato, CSN’s newest Sixers reporter, is already doing great things:

brett press

SMU and their dumb, math-challenged, old man coach Larry Brown entered their game with Temple this weekend as college basketball’s only undefeated team. They didn’t leave that way. Also, Villanova may have lost to Providence.

I think this dude fell over on purpose just to be touched by a Panther.

Every All-Star Game needs more fire:

During Jonas, both the Duquesne basketball team and the Temple women’s gymnastics team were stranded for hours on their buses. All the reports focused on boredom and food, but, yo, how about those bus bathrooms?


Here’s your reminder to HAVE BETTER PASSWORDS.

SHOCKING: Steve Weatherford still trying to get attention.



Latest one below, recording a fresh take today.

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10 Responses

  1. “Spring training is almost here, but it seems to far away:” Jim, grammar 101, “TOO far away”. Get back to your Huffington Post reading…

  2. Nice prediction last week that Brady would tear up the Broncos “overrated” D. Do you ever get tired of being dead wrong so often?

  3. Whi is the genius Philadephia PR person who had the Weather Channel record a drone over Strawberry Manison of all places? Idiots.

    1. Scolding others for being idiots yet refuses to spellcheck his own post. Must be a n1gger.

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