Adam Caplan Gives the Saddest Description of the Eagles’ Front Office

NFL Insider Adam Caplan, whose voice just does not match his face, was on with Joe “The Lurker” DeCamara for his weekly pow-wow on 97.5 The Fanatic last night and explained how laughable and sad the Eagles’ current front office situation is:

Adam Caplan: “When he made the decision to fire the head coach and the VP of football operations, he didn’t think ‘Okay if I do this, who is gonna be Ed Marynowitz’s replacement?’ He didn’t have anyone in mind, clearly, because they didn’t bring anyone in. Not only are they not hiring anyone … teams don’t let people out before the draft because they don’t want them to give information to another team …”

Joe DeCamara: “What is in between Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman?”

AC: “Nobody. There’s no one else left.”

JD: “Who has the second most power behind Roseman, and besides Doug Pederson?”

AC: “Tom Donahoe I guess… there’s no one else left. This is the only NFL team in recent history that doesn’t have a general manager, a VP of football operations, and a college scouting director. Their front office is in turmoil as far as I’m concerned. You can’t go forward – and you’re gonna have to because they made this decision and there’s nothing they can do about it right now – … after the draft, I don’t care whatever is on their mind, the number one thing is to fix this front office … Jeffrey and Roseman have a lot of work to do to fix the football operations.”

Good thing they got a jump on things by firing the head coach a week (year?) early.

Listen to the show here— this portion starts around 1:02 mark.

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24 Responses

  1. all that being said, the front office is still in a better position than it was when it was under chip kelly. it might not be ideal, but with cleansing themselves of “innovator” chip kelly they can start building towards a realistic future at some point.

  2. What’s this say about Kelly, that despite the horrible situation they are in that Lurie still decided that this was the better option?

    P. S. The other owners think so little of Kelly that his only offer was from a bigger dumpster fire of a team.

      1. So he had options and still picked SF even though there is bad blood between ownership and the QB? I’m not buying it. Who are the other teams that wanted him then?

        1. Browns and Giants were reported to be interested, but Jay Glazer who seems to be the only media person Chip is friendly with said that Chip directly contacted the 49ers first and asked them to consider him. Early in the process the 49ers had their sights set on Hue Jackson and Kelly wasn’t really considered by them until he came and interviewed and Jackson started talking about how he wanted at least some control of personnel.

          So your still sort of right, and actually it may be worse since Chip had to ask a dumpster fire of an organization to interview him. Why the 49ers? i dont really know, some people say because they have Kaep, but his relationship with the niners right now is as good as Chip and the eagles relationship was. On top of that, as crazy as it sounds i’m not sure Kaep would win the starting job over Gabbert anyway because although Kaep can run, his accuracy and decision making is shit. Gabbert is an underrated athlete and played ok….think maybe they draft a QB. The defense has some decent foundation pieces for the 3-4 defense that Chip wants to run. I think the main attraction is Tom Gamble, him and Chip are buds. 49ers are a team that is at least 2-3 years away from being a contender again

    1. Considering Lurie’s track record, are you really trying to spin the awful shape of the front office into Kelly bashing?

      The guy is incompetent.

  3. Howie will f-*k up this draft, Lurie wont pay Bradford ot Peters This Year so he can pocket the $20 Million that saves them under the cap. Pederson has never been a College or NFL HC before. What could possibly go wrong this year?

    1. Reid wasn’t a colleg of NFL HC eitehr when lurie hired him…
      And you sucked his joint for years….
      Now you can suck Pederson’s….
      You’ll doit and you’ll like….just like with Reid.

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