Drunk Jalen Rose Gives You His Sixers Playoff Lineup

An audibly intoxicated Jalen Rose ran into a TMZ cameraman (who presumably yelled “People just don’t understand what is involved in this. This is an art-form! You know, I think that most people just think that I hold a camera and point at stuff, but there is a *heck* of a lot more to it than just that” before starting to record) coming out of some kind of drinking establishment in LA. Seeing the visibly stumbly Rose, the pap pounced on the perfect drunk-guy basketball topic: the Sixers. Rose was asked what the team needs to do to make the playoffs, and according to drunk Jalen, they already have all the pieces they need:

For real for real? If Embiid plays to his potential, you gotta put ’em there. Just like that. Okafor, Noel, Embiid, Canaan, Ish Smith. Playoffs.”

You know, it’s good to hear someone say that if Embiid hits his potential and stays healthy he can make a huge impact in the NBA. But that’s negated – and Jalen was definitely drinking some strong shit – when he’s dropping Isaiah Canaan’s name. He also dropped some love, kinda, towards Philly rappers:

“I hate to say this cause I love Philly. I been there done that. I’m fortunate enough to have been on Broad Street with the Bully Beanie Sigel, like, I love Philly. But, it’s just … ironic that all of the Philly MCs have done a stint. They’ve all done a stint, but I love Philly …

Take care, bruh. Respect.”

Full clip after the jump.


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    1. that’s not the wing bowl, it’s the wingettes.
      maybe josh will bring ‘fake cuz” in to give the play by play of the under boob trick, since he’s so desperate for ratings.

  1. Secondary outlets are flooded with W i n g B o w l tickets below face value. People getting bored with this shit event.

  2. Back in town for a quick visit and had to drive through North Philly. Looks the same as it did 10 year’s ago. That place could use a good case of sickle cell.

  3. Na, not lethal enough to make any real progress. But at least you are thinking

  4. Hey guys, since Cuz doesn’t let us talk unless he gives us permission, me and the bro are doing a podcast after every show. Management needs to justify paying us a salary. MCW isn’t going to be included. Cuz spoke up for her.

  5. How is it possible that i am still on the air here?

    Maybe i should get bombed and have TMZ interview me

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