Fletcher Cox Denies Report That He’s About to Get PAID

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports I will use this picture every time

In response (presumably) to ESP’s report this morning that Fletcher Cox was about to being a very, very rich man:

Cox is presumably hard over playing in a 4-3 this year and entering a contract year. The Eagles should try to extend him for as long as they can.

According to Fletch’s tweets, that’s not happening. Yet, at least. Still, I’d wager that the numbers in ESP’s report were fairly accurate.


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  1. Jim, work on the grammar of your lazy puns.

    You need to keep the syntax correct. C’mon. “Cox is presumably hard over playing in a 4-3 this year and entering a contract year.”
    It is not funny because of “is”. You need to use a different verb that does not denote number.

    “Cox would be hard…” makes more sense.

    If you just use his name in this sentence, it works, “The Eagles should try to extend him for as long as they can.”

    When you use “him”, it does not really make sense. You should have said, “The Eagles should try to extend Cox for as long as they can.”

  2. Can we just all collectively ignore Eliot Shorr-Parks? He really has no clue, turns opinion into fact and is wrong more than all of our local weather people combined. He’s a tool and its annoying.

  3. Uh sorry, I like Fletch and all, but no DT is with Suh money. Not even Suh. Can’t give a top QB contract to a non-QB.

  4. Eliot shor parks isn’t a good reporter. I have no idea why he gets recognized as a legit reporter. If I were Cox I’d be pissed that these reports are out too. Say the numbers weren’t true and he sees that its either more or less than what his agent said. That’s not a comfortable position to be in. But this little dork is trying his hardest to be taken seriously that he can throw reports out there on the off chance he is kind of right.

  5. I would not sign too. I would consider taking the gamble of getting paid by someone else and maybe having a chance to win a championship.

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