Former Phillie Delmon Young Choked and Threatened to Kill a Man

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Back when he was with the Tigers in 2012, Delmon Young was arrested for yelling “f*cking Jews” at a man in New York while drunk. After being acquired by the Phillies the next year, he was so out of shape that he had weight requirements with pay bonuses written into his salary. He played 80 games for the Phillies before moving on to the Blue Jays and, most recently, the Orioles. He’s now a free agent, and I think he’s gonna stay that way.

According to Andy Slater, Young “was arrested late Sunday night in Miami, accused of choking and threatening to kill a valet attendant and” – here’s the world’s least shocking kicker –  “using ethnic slurs.” There it is.

Young reportedly yelled at a valet after he wouldn’t open the door to a club in Miami because it was closed, saying “stupid Cuban, open the f*cking door. I’m gonna f*cking kill you, you Latin piece of shit.” He then “reached over the valet podium and grabbed the victim around his neck with both hands, strangling him, the police report states.”

Young fled the scene, but when the cops knocked on his door later, he “answered the door naked from his waist down,” a total power move. He said he knew nothing of the incident, but when arrested told the COP ON THE SCENE, “I’ll slap you in the face with money you f*cking Cuban.” I don’t think Delmon Young likes people who aren’t Delmon Young.

To recap, Young yelled bigoted statements at a dude, choked him, ran away, answered the door for the cops with his bat swinging, and then used bigoted statements at the cops. All of that, and he can still never be the most dangerous former Phillie, since Ugueth Urbina tried to chop up all those people and light them on fire.


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  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but what did he say that was bigoted? Because he called him a Cuban or Latin? So someone calls Caucasian, American, or white, I can accused them of being bigoted? Are you serious? Was Delmon Young out of line, most likely due to needing a twinkie, but I don’t buy the bigoted part. Over sensitives pussies in this world.

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