UPDATE: Here’s a Cryptic Post From LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy interrupted his series of Kobe Tweets to fire this ‘Gram into the ether with the caption: “And the story must continue !!!! Thankful LorD”

Voila_Capture 2016-02-25_10-40-40_AM

What does that mean? F if I know, but it certainly sounds like he got some good news.

DA Seth Williams was not present at McCoy’s meeting with the DA’s office earlier this week. The assistant DA was there. A source close to the investigation told me that there is a real feeling amongst cops that Williams is too buddy-buddy with McCoy (and generally the Eagles), and that they have some level of personal relationship. Williams is big Eagles fan who has countless pictures on his Twitter from on the field and in the tunnel with several players over the past few years (I couldn’t find one with McCoy). Whether a potential conflict is real or perceived, it’s certainly on the mind of some in law enforcement.

UPDATE: McCoy doesn’t expect to be charged:


UPDATE 2: DA’s office says this is not true.

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19 Responses

  1. I’m so sick of this story. Why is the FOP involved at all? They were off duty cops. An off duty cop getting into a bar fight shouldn’t have any more weight than me getting in a bar fight.

    1. There could be video of the off-duty cops punching babies and the FOP president would still take their side. Unions, and especially police unions, are notorious for being narrow-minded shits

    2. Shady has got a lot of balls mentioning th e”Lord”. This scumbag needs to be charged and convicted. The monkeys in office make me sick.

  2. FYI — “The assistant DA”…every attorney that works in the District Attorney’s office is an ADA. There are a lot of them, so it was probably just the ADA that was assigned to this case.

    1. It’s simple, Kyle Scott is a closeted racist (like most of his cowardly commenters), who hates people of color.

      1. The real racists are n1ggers, not us. With that said, I’ve got nothing but respect for Dawkins and other good players/citizens that happen to be black. It’s n1ggers that we all hate, even other black people. Shady is a n1gger. Plain and simple. For what it’s worth, Riley Cooper is APPEARS to be white trash , and if it was Cooper STOMPING off duty cops in a night club over champagne, every white guy I know would be calling for his arrest.

  3. when are these government officials gonna start distancing themselves from the sports teams…it just continues to open up cans of worms when they get in trouble.

  4. ahh the rich nigra athlete. one of the least oppressed people anywhere. just have one of your non famous nigra buddies take the fall. do whatever you want and get off scott free.

    should hang him from a tree

  5. Haha… Innes has some guy on acting like the cuz, it’s kinda hilarious. Fyi normally listen to MM but he ain’t on

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