Howie Roseman Officially Confirms Doug Pederson’s Yes-Man Status

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the triumvirate of Howie Roseman/Chip Kelly/Jeffrey Lurie didn’t have the smoothest relationship. In fact, Howie and Chip’s could be described like that of oil and… someone who took oil’s job and made it a laughingstock. The Eagles’ brain trust, as you know, wanted someone more amenable to their wishes this time around, so Howie is happy to finally confirm what we all suspected– that the Eagles got their yes-man:

*That vision is reported to be: “Whatever you say Mr. Lurie by gosh I’m just happy to be here.”


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  1. Kyle being amazed “Chase Utley baserunner” shows him taking out tejada is like being amazed searching “dennis wideman hit” yields him hitting a ref. This blog has fallen off a cliff.

    1. Lol… Don’t forget u can always give them $$ to avoid those surveys!

  2. Seriously, Kyle, why do you talk shit about Villanova during the regular season? You realize it doesn’t matter if they were undefeated right now; they’d still be the laughingstock of the city. The entire narrative of their existence is that they can’t beat mediocre tournament teams. You ain’t fixing that in January.

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