Jimmy Rollins is a Fringe Roster Guy

Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

While some fringe Phillies fans decry the lack of names on the roster, one former Phillie is finding himself on the fringe of rosters:

I’m glad J-Roll™ is still kicking around the league, but if he can’t make the Sox, he should hang it up. An old man in the minors is uniquely hard to watch. There’s a special kind of sadness in baseball watching one-time greats fight away in the minors for one last cup of coffee. And the rest is silence.


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  1. Disagree on marquee guys hanging on in the minors being sad. I think it’s kinda cool to see guys who have made more money than they probably know what to do with travel on buses and play in tiny parks, strictly for the love of the game.

  2. Nothing on the drunken Philly cops starting the brawl with LeSean McCoy and his entourage?

  3. Better get his kicks in while he can. Under a Trump administration he’d be saying “Yes Massa” to Kyle S. Laskowski (who would welcome that).

    1. you’re joking, right? As a multi-millionaire J-Roll has much more in common with the Donald than he does with the plebe Laskowski or the prole PJFCP,

      Oh I forgot, everything is about skin tone with your HIGHness. Get a clue, the only color that matters is GREEN.

  4. He has had a great career and still wants to get out on the field. I don’t understand why anyone would look at him wanting to play, no matter what level, is a negative.

    An MVP and WFC is still showing his love. Nothing left to prove

  5. I respect his desire to play but this has to be some cold water in the face that it’s time to think about hanging them up.

  6. FOR WHAT IT’SWORTH , As a former beer league softball player I still miss the camodaderie. He is the luckiest man alive today- Gehrig. let him play on

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