John Smallwood, Meet Facts

John Smallwood and his current laptop

Mistakes happen. I make them all the time. Some commenters have pointed this out. But what I do on a daily basis is nothing compared to the fact-vomit that John Smallwood spat onto the Internet today.

Smallwood’s column was about the influx of foreign players at the top of the NBA draft. It’s been up now for about three hours, and I took the liberty to do some editing and fact-checking where whatever editors are still employed at did not:

if simmons

Bennett was taken first overall in 2013, and Wiggins in 2014. Also, if we’re gonna nitpick, Karl-Anthony Towns having immigrant parents does not actually apply to anything here. He is not a foreign player. If we’re gonna go that route, Ben Simmons’ father is American. So is Wiggins’. So are they American? [Editor’s note: Nice use of “I have nipples, Greg, can you milk me?” logic here.]

After naming about a dozen foreign players eligible for this year’s draft, where they play, and where they’re from – which had to take actual research – Smallwood finished with this:

since ming

Sorry for highlighting the typo. I told myself I wouldn’t. It’s Exum, not Exxum (though you should have gone all the way with Exxxxxum). Also: TOWNS IS NOT FOREIGN. His mother is Dominican, he was born and raised in New Jersey. You can’t get more American than being from New Jersey. Doesn’t anyone listen to Bruce Springsteen anymore?

Saying both Saric and Stauskas were draft picks in 2015 (actually he says Saric got picked roughly 90 years into the future because he’s a Terminator) is obviously, blatantly wrong. They were both picked in 2014. I’m beginning to think Smallwood hit his head somewhere along the line and lost a year. While we’re talking about this, I know they’re foreign players, but comparing Stauskas, Bennett, and Wiggins with Simmons, Embiid, and Saric seems a little off. Those first three aren’t American, but it’s Canada. It’s RIGHT THERE. When I think international players, I don’t think Sauce Castillo. Well, wait, maybe I do. But still…

UPDATE: Someone went in and cleaned Smallwood’s piece up, without mentioning it, and still left some errors behind. They fixed Saric’s draft year, didn’t change “iwith,” and still have Stauskas’ draft year wrong. “Exxum” also remains:

Slack for iOS Upload

It should also say “acquired” not “acquire.” Finally, one we even missed on the first go around (and has yet to notice), Smallwood misspelled the names of Klay Thompson and his father Mychal:

Slack for iOS Upload (1)


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24 Responses

  1. This is a joke right? Kyle? A joke.? Yes?

    Jim is writing about someone making mistakes?
    Kyle all of your readers hate Jim. Make me understand why this is happening? Why is he writing for your site? Does he babysit for you or something? Does he buy your groceries ?
    This is so awful. I am done clicking his articles. I’m done with this site – this is so bad that he’s mocking a guy for typing poorly when all Jim does is screw up.

    1. He’s not mocking him for typing poorly – OK maybe a little – but for blatant, obvious errors and goofy logic.

      1. Goofy Logic led to this guy getting a job here in the first place.

        Kyle, do not insult our intelligence.

    2. does everyone really “hate” jim or is it just the running theme of these comment sections? because if you honestly “hate” a person because of his writing on a blog, than you’ve got some personal issues that need to be examined. i dont think kyle gives a shit that you are leaving, later. probably should skip over to google and look for a psychiatric hospital to get evaluated.

  2. JIm,

    Please stop this is awful, you are giving me a bad name, and it is already awful in reality.

    This is nothing more then the pot calling the kettle black.

    Have you seen what you’ve written on here in the past.

    1. One day, the police are going to knock on your door and find that secret room behind the armoire, that’s wall papered with crusty yellowed printouts of all of Jim’s CB pieces.

  3. Whole lot of genius journalism coming from this blog, definitely enough to talk shit on other writers.

    1. Good riddance you fat tub of goo.Now take your fat ass to Syria, and join your fellow countrymen on the Syrian battlefield.

      1. Later Donut Joe. Take a hike you no good fat load of butter. You are nothing but a gambling Egyptian who eats mayo all day.

  4. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmme.

    Lame, and completely lacking in any self-awareness.


  5. _/\______/\_____/\___________/|_______/\_________________/\___________________________________/\___________________________________________________________________________________

  6. ….enough with the complaints about Jim. Is every article posted going to be to your liking/ Probably not….Get over it! If you don’t like his writing, don’t read his articles or just don’t come back to the site anymore. And judging by the grammatical errors by most of the people complaing, it doesn’t seem like they have much room to talk.

    1. Good work, Jim.

      But your wonky use of punctuation and poor spelling let us know that this post was written by you.

      Also, I highly doubt that Kyle wants you telling readers to just leave the site and never come back.

  7. Jim and Kyle are supporters of Bernie Sanders. They should not be held accountable for their bad choices and total disregard for accountability. (They are the opitamy of lame, white, liberal hipsters). At least that’s what their 20 year long Senator who has done nothing but get rich tells them. Wake up cum dumpsters!

  8. Karl Anthony Towns has a Dominican mother, yet was born and raised in New Jersey. That makes him a natural US citizen. That makes him more eligible to become President than Ted Cruz.

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