Johnny Manziel’s Dad Says His Son Needs Help, Should Probably Help Him

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know Johnny Manziel, but there’s an observation I can make: There are addicts, there are silver spooners who have never faced the consequences of their actions, and then there’s a combination of both. Manziel likes to party. We know that much. He reportedly went into rehab to save his job with the Browns last year, but since then has not been shy about drinking in public, on Snapchats and videos in general. And now, since a police report came out that alleged he hit his ex-girlfriend, his dad is worried:

“”I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday,” Paul Manziel told The Dallas Morning News.

On Friday, Manziel’s agent Erik Burkhardt also voiced concern for Manziel and announced that he is terminating their professional relationship.

The family first tried Saturday afternoon to get Manziel, 23, to agree to go to the Enterhealth Ranch addiction facility in Van Alstyne, but he would not stay. That attempt came the day after Manziel’s former girlfriend alleged in a police report that he hit her repeatedly at a Dallas hotel and while driving her home to Fort Worth on Jan. 29. Manziel has not been charged in the incident, but a Fort Worth Police helicopter searched the area for him.

Paul Manziel said that he tried to have his son admitted Tuesday to Carrollton Springs Hospital, but that Johnny was allowed to leave. Paul Manziel said that he is upset that his son was allowed to walk away after Paul told a Denton County Sheriff officer that he believed Johnny to be suicidal.”

At some point after allegedly leaving Carrolton Springs Hospital, Manziel talked to TMZ and said he was fine and denied hitting his girlfriend, though he said he’s “stable … safe and secure,” which doesn’t sound like a thing a stable person says. Paul Manziel also told police at that time that “he had seen his son and his son was doing fine, according to the police report.” Paul steps in to make sure Johnny doesn’t get in trouble.

I don’t know if Johnny Manziel has a drinking problem, some kind of personality disorder, or what. But after a lifetime of getting away with whatever he wanted (and being enabled to do so), it’s not gonna be easy to step in as his Dad now and demand he changes things up. I hope he gets the help he needs, but maybe Paul should’ve seen this coming and prevented it from getting to the point where “they” need to do something.

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22 Responses

  1. Isn’t it ironic that WIP’s biggest event of the year and Josh Innes is no where to be found. Not even given a little part to participate. Heck, even Jolly had a role. I think that in itself is pretty glaring of what management, co-workers, and the market thinks of Josh Innes.

    1. I think it goes to show Innes ins’t the future of wip. I mean if he was they would have him all over this event. On twitter someone asked him about and he replied because no asked me to go. I think he meant as a joke but you could tell he was irked. He sounded like the kid in high school who doesn’t get a invite to the cool party.

  2. Fuck him. He should do the world a favor and off himself. Piece of fucking shit…and a shitty QB…maybe Chip wants him..speaking of ass-holes…

    1. I won’t go that far, but if he does end up killing himself, I don’t want to hear about how sad it is, or about how it wasn’t his fault, it was because of the “addiction”. Then we’ll hear endless stories about how people don’t really understand addiction.

      I can feel sympathy for addicts who don’t have the resources to get help, not for addicts who are millionaires and could have every resource at their disposal if they wanted.

      1. Um, your comment is ridiculous on so many levels, I can’t even. YOU clearly do not understand addiction, friend. The money to pay for rehab does not come with a magic, want-to-go-to-rehab-now pill attached. Even a non-chemical addiction like anorexia isn’t something someone just decides to be done with because they have the money for rehab. People get addicted to pulling their eyelashes out, exercising, counting cracks in the sidewalk, binge eating, and all kinds of other stuff — and those are non-chemical things, so theoretically easier to be done with. Add in a substance that causes the body to protest upon withdrawal and you’ve got a sticky situation for anyone, with any size wallet. The key phrase here is “IF THEY WANTED.” If only they wanted… Exactly how many addicts do you think are sitting around thinking, “Gee, I really want to kick this addiction but I just don’t have the money,” and then crying their eyes out as they snort their next line because if only they had the money? Yes, I can understand that a very long-time addict of opiates or something like that may legitimately wish for rehab money, but the fact is, even heroin addicts can detox at home with the help of a doctor. I’m not recommending it, but it’s no secret it can be done. Johnny Manziel has substance abuse issues, probably because he has psych issues. Some people get the shit genes. You have to manage them as best you can. (I speak from experience). This guy is only 23 and clearly didn’t have the greatest models of personal responsibility in Mom, Dad, and others. Let’s all extend him some kindness.

  3. ” I don’t know Johnny “… No shit Jim. You’re a disgrace.

    Does anyone find it funny that Mikey Miss is so quick to call people racist yet whenever Ingee or whatever calls they play that Psy Gangnam style ? Like why use that song ? Because he’s Asian? Look within bro

    1. Listen my fake white guilt only goes so far, I’m mean the Asians come on their fair game.

  4. Drugs. He’s on drugs. Pretty simple answer to what is going on here.

    Jim is a terrible awful writer.
    “And now, since a police report came out that alleged he hit his ex-girlfriend, his dad is worried:”

  5. I don’t think the guy is an alcoholic, just an asshole who has never had to deal with consequences in his life. Isn’t his family pretty wealthy? Just another Texas high school football legend who had his ass kissed growing up and now that he actually has to grow up, he is scared to death to take any responsibility for anything and just wants to live as a teenager for the rest of his life. I haven’t heard of him drinking in his room all alone….that’s the type of stuff an alcoholic does. He could be an addict, but right now he just seems like a douchbag who parties too much

      1. I agree, I would love to hang out with Johnny Football, pound a bottle of Jack Daniels and snort some railroad tracks off of a whore’s ass.

    1. He should get together with that affluenza kid. . They would be awesome together! A while new level of train wreck…

    2. You haven’t heard of him drinking alone? Well let me know when you do, yeah? He’s got your cell phone number and has promised to text you from his chilly bathroom floor as he lies there alone covered in his own vomit? Mmmkay, right.

  6. Fuck this lowlife, scumbag.

    He’s wealthy white trash who’s had zero accountability his entire life.

    Again, fuck him and anyone who looks like him.

    Jim Adair is lame AF.

  7. Clearly, hes famous and 23.
    He likes to drink beer, party, and bang a ton of hot white young women.

    Its every means dream.
    I mean even Cosby wasn’t looked at as a bad dude for doing it, until he hit like 60 then that shit is weird.

  8. The “stable…safe, secure” line sounds fairly similar to what someone who’s been in therapy for crisis situations has had to work on. Like, part of patient lingo.
    If I am remembering correctly, Charlie Sheen said something similar during his two and a half men firing.

    I would bet Johnny is bipolar or has a personality disorder and sometimes you can’t help them on your own. They need to find help themselves.

    Maybe his dad sucks but also, what’s he going to do at his point other than hope he gets help?

  9. If I never hear anyone mention Manziel’s money again, it will be too soon. Yes, he used to flash that money sign. Yes, he was an annoying college freshman trying to look like the rich, cool kid with friends in high places. Let’s all forgive him for that now, shall we? Has he fallen far enough that we can extend to him our sympathy, or do we want more first? What would be enough for us to collectively decide to just be compassionate and nonjudgmental? This guy just turned 23. His family support seems questionable at best. Clearly personal responsibility as a concept continues to elude him. Even my grandmother knows his name and has an opinion. (She feels he isn’t disciplined enough, for those who are curious). The only thing we know for sure about Manziel is he started this whole Johnny Football thing shocked, overwhelmed, and desperately posturing, and since then has fallen into the sinkhole of his own huge fame. He clearly has a substance issue, and maybe a psych issue also. His family is worried for him, his agent is worried for him, the Browns are worried for him (albeit from arms’ length). Look at the party videos — especially the one that got him in so much trouble around Thanksgiving. He looks unwell and miserable. Money can’t fix someone’s mind or heart. The person has to want that. Let’s all STFU about his money. It shouldn’t impact our ability to empathize.

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