It’s a long road to the NFL. Not many players make it, and for the ones who do there’s no guarantee that they’ll stick around, especially if they’re a late-round draft pick. Randall Evans knows all about it.

As the 196th overall pick by the Eagles in last year’s draft, he had an uphill battle to make the team. He spent most of the season on the practice squad – still making good money – before making the active roster when a spot opened up after Bennie Logan went down with an injury. But his season is over and the checks have temporarily stopped. So, might as well make some extra cash, right?

When I was helping my friend move this weekend, another friend asked me if I knew Randall Evans. “Of course I know Randall Evans– I’m a sports blogger!” I said while googling Randall Evans to be sure he was an Eagle. “Why?” I asked. “Oh, he was my buddy’s Uber driver last night.”:

IMG_1590 (1)

I’m not sure if Evans just picked up driving or if he was doing it during the season, too. I just hope he never drove Chip around. That would have been a bad look.

Kyle: I hereby endorse writing football scouting reports when leaving comments for Evans on Uber. Also, of course Jim’s friend lives in Fishtown.