Malcolm Jenkins Finally Lays the “Chip Is a Racist” Dialogue to Rest on SportsNation

Fresh off his Pro Bowl appearance – did you see it? No one saw it – Malcolm Jenkins swung by SportsNation and was immediately asked about Chip Kelly (no idea how the players feel about Doug, but they gotta be psyched to not talk about this ever again). Jenkins explained, brilliantly, why he thinks Chip was let go.

“If you ever sit him down and talked to him on your own, he’s a great guy. He’ll listen. I had multiple conversations with him, whether it be good or bad, and he’s open to listening to his players. But he’s not proactive enough to really get the pulse of the team, especially when you have the offseason that we had last year where he’s getting rid of guys and making all these changes. When you have a situation like that, you have to be able to communicate with your players and instill confidence in them so they know their jobs are secure and that they can trust you. And it just wasn’t there …”

And then Marcellus Wiley – playing the role of sports talk simpleton – had to ask about the Chip Kelly is a racist nonsense:

Marcellus Wiley: “I want you to fill in the blanks, and I’m not trying to set you up for failure but: Chip Kelly, black players. What happened?”

Jenkins: [I’m smiling because I’m on TV but that’s dumb as shit] jenkins 2

“I think that was a topic that was overblown, and very, very unnecessary and unfortunate. Chip has no issues with race, or nothing that I’ve witnessed in the two years that I’ve been an Eagle. Obviously he signed black players, he coaches black players … I think it was unnecessary and it only came from people who were upset that they were no longer Eagles.”

There. That should completely lay it to rest. Not only does Jenkins, who seems like the smartest dude on the whole team, not think Chip is a racist, Chip also doesn’t work here anymore. Let’s all line up for the next controversy: Is Doug Pederson’s luscious head of hair natural?

Kyle: Yes it is.

[h/t Barstool]

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  1. we all saw this yesterday over at the p h I l l y I n f l u e n z a ….YESTERDAY
    day late, dollar short…

    1. The comments are better at this site, but the content is better at the other site….what to do, what to do!

  2. Any truth to Joe Younes stalking Natalie Egenolf? I was told that he DM’s her on twitter all the time and is always “running” into her by chance.

  3. Yes, that 100% accurate. That no good donut eating Egyptian has been on her for a few months now.

  4. Genuinely interested in why Kyle didn’t take this post? Perhaps because it is so rational and makes complete sense as to why Chip isn’t in Philly that he can’t simply post. LURIE WAS WRONG!!!!11!!!! CHIP IS GONNA WIN SUPER BOWLS!!!1111!!1

  5. It’s a shame it took this long for a reputable (good) player to squash the racist garbage that came from a bitter player (McCoy) and an average one (Boykin).

  6. “(no idea how the players feel about Doug, but they gotta be psyched to not talk about this ever again).”

    Good Gawd, Jim. You’re getting paid for this? NEVER SPLIT INFINITIVES. It isn’t “to not talk…”; it’s “NOT to talk…” My 4th grade teacher would have given you a C for that alone. I’m not even a professional writer, just a native speaker of English. You’re stealing money from a guy with a newborn AND concurrently driving down viewers to the site that he owns and from which you’re paid. How do you sleep at night?
    And Kyle – first Saltveit can’t get basic facts right, like Walter Thurmond’s name (as an ex-Duck, you’d think Saltlick would have encountered that name a time or two). And you continue to pay Jim for his grade-school crap. How will you pay your mortgage when this all falls apart?

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