NO. I just don’t believe it. I won’t believe it. I can’t believe it. I shan’t believe it

The great Roger Rabbit once uttered those words which, today, echo my sentiments toward this paragraph in an LA Times profile of The Man, Chase Fucking Utley:

One of his favorite plays as a Phillie occurred when he scored from second base on a groundout in 2006.

But he’ll be remembered for his play on Oct. 10 at Dodger Stadium. Utley entered in the seventh as a pinch-hitter and singled. With runners at the corners and the Dodgers trailing by a run, Kendrick hit a one-hopper up the middle. A double play would end the inning.

NEGATIVE. NO. NO CHASE. The Red Sox have already hijacked Shane Victorino from us. Go ahead, Google “Shane Victorino grand slam.” Tell me what you see. Your mind will recall his 2008 NLDS bomb off CC Sabathia. Google recalls… look it up, I’ll wait. Actually, no, I won’t wait. It recalls fucking this:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-24_12-27-58_PM


Shane’s grand slam is our grand slam. And Chase Utley’s heroic baserunning feat belongs to Harry Kalas and no one else. What he did to Ruben Tejada was great and all, and I’m glad the rest of the baseball world is getting to meet the Chase we knew and loved, but there is NO WAY I’m ceding Chase’s baserunning to the Dodgers. No chance:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-24_12-30-33_PM

GOD DAMMIT. You can’t have Chase’s baserunning abilities. That’s ours. First Kobe. Then Richie and Carts. STOP STEALING OUR GLORY, LOS ANGELES. Stop it. Give me Harry and give him now:

Other then that, this article on Chase is quite good and I enjoyed it very much.


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    1. F the mets man.
      Last time i was at a phillies/met game at Citizens Bank, some guy was wearing a shirt that said:
      “Even God Hates the Mets……….”

  1. Chase will be remembered for the fake throw to first – throw to home in Game 5. That and World Fucking Champions.

  2. Per Merrill Reese, Chase has or had an open marriage. I’ll remember him for that.

  3. 09-i was there for chase hitting an inside hte park homer. so fuckng awesome. the crowd just got louder with every base he touched. never forget that.

  4. You search for the most recent event regarding and media story/controversy and those pictures show up the most?!? No way!!! This place is a joke. So if I google dennis wideman hit it will magically show him hitting a ref?!

  5. Good lord those shirts are fugly. My friends and I laugh at the awful shirts Kyle makes. Ive never seen anyone wear them anywhere .

  6. Are you off your meds and what is with the blue on Utley’s face on the shirt? It looks like a birthmark.

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