Report: Flyers and Penguins Will Play Home-and-Home Outdoor Series Beginning Next Year

Scott Burnside, reporting for ESPN:

Although plans for next year’s Winter Classic remain fluid, what does seem to be virtually locked in is an outdoor game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers sometime in 2017.

The unresolved question is whether the game, likely to be held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, will stand as the 2017 Winter Classic or part of the Stadium Series held a few weeks later, a source familiar with the proceedings told

The two state rivals have been talking for months about a plan for an outdoor game or series of outdoor games. There was discussion about playing an outdoor game at Penn State, but it’s believed financial demands by the university soured the teams on the neutral site as an option, so the two franchises have been looking at a reciprocal arrangement with an outdoor game played one year in Pittsburgh and a second game in Philadelphia perhaps the next year.

And there you have it. The long-rumored Beaver Stadium game is out, but it’s no surprise that the Flyers and Penguins will finally go at it outside. Maybe twice. Maybe even one more time in the morning.

Last month it was rumored that the Flyers would be getting 50th anniversary jerseys next year, perhaps as part of some outdoor game. That seems to be a decent possibility.

There are always ancillary events and details to come from this stuff, so we’ll keep an eye out for more news.

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24 Responses

  1. Stunning how the NHL keeps putting the same teams in these things. I realize they want the highest ratings possible but you can’t ignore half the league.

    1. The WInter Classic has repeat teams because the league knows the viewers and fans will be there for sure. They have the stadium series for the other teams where viewership may not be the biggest priority. But the winter classic usually goes up against college football bowls so it needs to have the biggest fan bases involved. Same reason the warriors, Cavs, heat, and spurs are always on tv. Same reason the patriots, Seahawks, and Broncos are on. Networks know people will tune in.

  2. Not having it at Beaver Stadium is a failure on all 3 parties involved.

    Having a hockey game in front of a divided +110,000 crowd would have been insane.

    Having a game in the literal center of the state would have been a huge draw and would have made for a very interesting mix of fans creating a unique atmosphere that we have never had.

    1. Beaver Stadium needs an upgrade. It’s facilities wouldn’t be able to handle use in the winter months. They are discussing making improvements but we are still years away from this possiblity. It’s a shame

  3. Just fucking make the Winter Classic at Beaver Stadium work, you fucking greedy fucks. That shit would be absolutely insane.

  4. What you idiots don’t know is I keep the rink up for weeks and wh0re it out 24/7 to anyone with a pair of skates. I make big time money. No Cups for 41 years, but the Brinks Trucks arrive daily to my homes with you suckers’ money.

  5. Doo the idiots at psu not realize how much money they would make off this? Pretty sure once November hits, that stadium and surrounding campus has little revenue coming in. They would make a killing on ticket sales and merchandise alone. Two rival cities both traveling to a neutral site. Hotels would be jammed. The environment alone would be worth it.

    1. I think it has to do with the facilities not being winterized as the stadium is never used in the winter. I don’t think it was a money issue. At least thats what I heard.

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