Report: The Sixers Kicked The Blake Griffin Tires

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According to Sam Amico from Fox Sports Ohio, both the Sixers and Nuggets have reached out to the Clippers about a possible trade for Blake Griffin. In a way, trading for Griffin is the perfect move to make right now. He won’t play for the rest of the season due to injury (thus not hurting the Sixers’ lottery odds) and would help them recruit in free agency this and ensuing offseasons. But what would they have to give up? Probably Jahlil Okafor:

trade machine

That move would put Nerlens Noel back at his natural center position, but the Clips wouldn’t really get a competent PF in return. If those two don’t do it (they probably won’t), you could add in Covington or one of those valuable picks the Sixers have . So far, the response is …. tepid:

But just try to think of a 4/5 rotation with Griffin, Noel, and a healthy Embiid. My god I’m salivating.

Kyle: I love the possibility of Griffin coming here, but I’m not convinced the Okafor-Griffin swap would be as much of a long-term win as it seems on the surface.

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13 Responses

  1. That would be a stupid trade. Griffin’s upside is here already. Okafor is young. we need a solid team in 3 years. Between noel and griffin neither of them are an offensive FORCE that okafor could be in 2 years.

  2. id trade next years 1st, heat pick and i know your gonna need more but i just cant…if they do they may just become average again.

  3. Tell me again my the Sixers should trade for this monkey? He is an unstable chimp. He just hit his coach in a fit of chimp rage. Fuck this guy.

  4. Please no…Griffin is overrated.

    Great athlete…exciting…but isn’t what this team needs.

    Plus we’re trying to get Simmons. Adding him now would probably fvck that up

  5. As good as a dunker that he is, that’s it. Not a good look for the 6’ers. They got too many big men as is. KD is gonna be a FA go after him if anything. 6’ers need a 1 & 2 guard ASAP

  6. Why do we need to have Kyle’s take at the end of every Jim article? Go bang yourself, Kyle, you’re not that important!

  7. they may trade a pick/player but not in this scenario. this is probably to open a market for 6ers assets and get a feel for what they can get

  8. It would take more than Okafor and Landry to get Griffin. Probably have to throw in a 1st round pick and possibly a few 2nds. Okafor’s lack of defense will be masked by Deandre Jordan. Both guys compliment each other well.

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