The Eagles’ Search for Personnel Man Has, Predictably, Failed

"I'M NOT AS SMART AS I THINK I AM!" Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Speaking to reporters last month during Doug Pederson’s introductory press conference, Jeffrey Lurie played the worst hand of poker in history when he told Jeff “The Hammer” McLane that he wouldn’t speak any further about his search for a new personnel head yada yada yada competitive advantage. Some might have interpreted his response as “he doesn’t know what he’s doing.” If you were one of those people, you would be correct.

Geoff Mosher, reporting for ESN, a site with text on a dark green background (whyyyyy?):

The Eagles have tabled their search for a personnel chief and aren’t expected to hire until after the NFL draft, according to several league sources familiar with the situation.

The Eagles, who have no scouting chief after firing coach Chip Kelly and top personnel executive Ed Marynowitz, are looking for a high-ranking senior executive to lead the scouting department and determine the fate of current scouts, per sources, but they opened their search at a time when NFL teams are knee deep in the pre-draft process and would be reluctant to allow a top personnel executive to leave.

Industry sources also believe Lurie and Roseman will face the same challenge of finding a qualified candidate as Kelly did last year in looking to replace vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble, who was fired right after the season.

Several candidates turned down the chance to work under Kelly, who eventually promoted Marynowitz.

The Eagles have been plagued by turnover and instability in the front office, especially during Roseman’s rise to power, and league sources believe the team’s reputation for fostering a toxic environment signals a red flag to potential candidates.

That is absolutely mind-bending. Mosher points out that the top three ranking personnel folks now employed by the Eagles are, in order: Howie Roseman, Tom Donahue – who, according to Mosher, “hasn’t done much field scouting across the country” – and Doug Pederson. Awesome.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Lurie, who decided to cut bait on Chip Kelly at least a year too early, wasn’t able to outfox the league in his not-so-secretive quest for a top personnel man. I mean, does this sound like an owner who had a grasp on what he was doing?

McLane: So you haven’t made the decision on that yet?

Lurie: Can’t reveal any decision on that beacuse it would impact our ability to find the right people that we’ve designated in the search … As soon as we finish the search, accountibility will be 100% knowledge.

As it turns out, Lurie underestimated how difficult it would be to pry a big-time GM-like figure from the clutches of NFL teams in the months leading up to their busiest time of the year. So, we’re left with Howie Roseman. Again. Happy Groundhog Day. This offseason is gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey – like Doug Pederson hair – and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.


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  1. How does Brace find the time to run his blog while spending most of his day posting comments on Kyle’s? I’d say he hired someone to do it but Pitcher’s Pub money doesn’t go that far. Maybe his mom is posting the comments?

    1. Who would you rather be: Jon marks who has to kiss Cuz’s azz to keep his job or brace who has his own website & cleans toilets at pitchers pub?

  2. I’ll take it. I have profited in fantasy football the last 4 years. Whoever you get cannot possibly be more qualified

  3. “This offseason is gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey – like Jay Wright’s amazing suits – and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.”
    – Kyle Laskowski; after Villanova loses March 19/20, 2016 in the 2nd Round \\//

  4. “Of course, it’s no surprise that Lurie, who decided to cut bait on Chip Kelly at least a year too early…”

    Will you let this shit go? It’s embarrassing. Literally no one serious thinks he should have gotten another year.

    1. Really? So they’re in that much of a better spot now with a first-time inexperienced head coach, another failed GM, basically no scouting staff, and a front office that is becoming the laughing stock of the league?

      1. It’s clear they did not have the best plan, or maybe they did but no one wanted to work with/for Roseman. That being said, they were regressing under Kelly. More and more hated him and his antics, including the people who are paid to be on the field. That’s as toxic as you can get. When people won’t play for the coach, the management has no choice but to let go of the coach. It was Kelly’s way or the highway and when you see the results getting worse he doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on. If he was winning/improving, he could say the program is starting to work. That wasn’t happening. Your blind love for Chip and his quotes, that you sell as tee shirts, has gone beyond nauseating. Yes he may win somewhere else but one thing is for sure, he wasn’t winning here with a large portion of the players and upper management growing increasingly weary of his ways. Let it go…..

      2. Look at the sad sack of losers that Kelly hired in San Francisco to let you know what the league thinks of Chip.

        The offensive coordinator was the Detroit Lions running back coach. The defensive coordinator was the defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. The special teams coach comes from the Bears.

        1. Well, since the last Browns coach hired for DC was soooo good, Wile E. decided to hire another one!

      3. How you’re still defending this guy I have no idea. Let it go already. Every line you’ve written since he was cut has just dripped with cringeworthy fanboy bitterness. You would think the guy won a superbowl here, or even a playoff game. Anyone who was still on the fence saw everything they needed when they completely laid down their swords to the Redskins. Any arguments made about the front office are moot. He lost that game. Would have been nice to have Maclin, Jackson and McCoy there to bail us out of that one. Move on.

      4. He’s right. Its time to let it go, Kyle. The majority of the players had given up on Chip. Regardless of how poor the handling of the team has been since the firing, it does not change the absolute fact that keeping Chip around was only going to make things worse. If you’re going to rip management, then do so for the right reasons, because your opinion, which is almost universally accepted as wrong, is starting to effect the quality of your blog.

      5. Yes Kyle, they are. I will have this conversations with you all day but at some point it will get blocked.

        “better spot now with a first-time inexperienced head coach”
        A: Um, what was Chip Kelly

        another failed GM
        A: See above meaning Um, what was Chip!

        no scouting staff, and a front office that is becoming the laughing stock of the league?
        A: lets wait and see how the draft plays out. They need a lot of help in a lot of areas, any “non-scout” from their recliner can see that you don’t need to have a scouting department.

      6. Kyle you are kind of a sap. Did the Search Fail or did Lurie Fail to Search? There were/are plenty of talented people who would have taken the Eagles Head Personnel Job if it were offered. Wake the fuck up dude this is a Jeff + Howie Production much the same way the Cowboys are everything Jerry Jones. Lurie doesnt want a exec telling him anything, he tried that and it failed. . He’s doing it his way Now !!!

      7. Jeff Lurie is nothing but a carpetbagger who does not gives a rat’s a$$ about Philly. Keeping Howie shows old Jeff is also a carpet muncher. Lurie needs to go and the only avenue to that end is he needs to be forced to sell the team, and the only way to do that is don’t frequent his product. If you still need your football fix, throw your allegiance to another team – even temporarily until we get Jeff to sell or move the team. I think L.A. still has a spot. We would then get a new team and any new team will certainly win a Super Bowl before the Lurie-led Eagles. Lurie is a failed movie producer and absent a rich family would be washing dishes. And he just lied to the fans with the Howie bullshit story.

  5. Good thing the Eagles have a lot of smart personnel guys in house. Oh wait, Roseman fires them all so they can’t do to him what he did to Heckert and Banner. Lurie can’t be unaware of this, but I guess appreciates Roseman’s technique. Those people are strange.

    1. baaa!
      i bleed green!
      brian dawkins should be the coach!
      every announcer hates us!
      we have fans like sean the trashman from NJ of the ‘dirty 30’ & the pathetic EROCK

  6. Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! The stupid Eagles organization is a fuckin’ house of cards just waiting to collapse!!! The three fuckin’ stooges are running the place! Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  7. Why is this a fucking surprise? This fucking dick-sucking Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu has no fucking idea what he’s doing. Nephew and fellow choad swallower Howie Juuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssman can’t fins his ass from his elbow (but has no problem putting Uncle Jeffy’s c-0ck in his mouth). This franchise is a fucking disgrace….Gold Standard–BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW MMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSS

  8. The fact that Kyle is 100% against the recent moves gives me hope that this will all work out in the Eagles favor. Whomever Kyle supports seems to get crushed by his kiss of death mush curse (recent examples- Jay Wright, Ruben Amaro, Chip, Mike Richards, Cliff Lee)

  9. This team will be mediocre from now until the foreseeable future. Unless Howie steps aside and lets Lurie hire an actual GM with his own scouts and personnel people no one will ever come to work here.

  10. The writing has been on the wall for a while now ; It’s Lurie and Roseman much like Jerrah and Stephen in Dallas that’s a tough break for us fans

  11. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to have a number of you crap all over my work in the coming weeks. I welcome it 🙂

    I’ve filled in a couple of times at WIP and have enjoyed it thoroughly.

    As I’ve been saying, Roseman is the issue. Not Chip.

    Chip should have been here for years; Roseman gone.

    So when Kyle, or anyone else, suggests Kelly should still be coaching they’re correct in the macro. That said, if Roseman is the GM he should’ve never even come.

    On some level both sides are right, but in truth, Kelly shouldn’t have had to operate with a know-nothing GM and a relatively clueless owner.

    I guess we’ll all find out what Kelly is over the next few years. Staff assembly will be key. But like Belichick, Carroll, Del Rio, and others, there’s quite often failure before success on this level. If I had to bet I’d say the guy ends up ahead. Unfortunately for him, Jed York is a Class A douche, so it may be round 2.

    Beggars don’t choose though.

    Kelly should have been OC somewhere for a couple of years, learned ropes a bit more, established relationships league wide, and then found the right job.

    Enjoy the site. Cheers.

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