The Phillies Announce New Red Alternate Jerseys, And Yep, Nailed That Too

Photo: Phillies PR


First Nutter, now Phillies alternates.


On Thursday, April 14, a new Phillies red alternate jersey will officially make its regular-season debut during the 1:05 p.m. game against the San Diego Padres at Citizens Bank Park. Phillies players will wear the jersey six times in total, all at home during their mid-week day games – which are Citizens Bank Business Persons Specials – held on Thursday, April 14; Wednesday, May 18; Wednesday, June 8; Monday, June 20; Wednesday, July 6 and Thursday, August 4.

The Phillies all-new red jersey design is part of Majestic’s new Flex Base uniform system, a design developed through insights from Major League players, innovative fabric technologies and extensive wear testing over the last two years. All of the new Flex Base uniforms feature a new, lighter weight twill technology and mesh panels on the sides of the jerseys which reduce the overall weight of jerseys by 10-20 percent and enhance freedom of movement.

HOLY PROPHETIC. Fashion editor Dan on Friday, writing about the Phillies’ new spring training uniforms which are virtually identical:

Somehow, the Phillies have managed to avoid having a solid-color alternate jersey (not talking batting practice jerseys, where the Phillies have both red and blue options) well after it’s the norm for teams to have one or even two (the Orioles have orange and black, for example). Off the top of my head, every team except the Yankees and the Phillies has solid-color alternates, so it’s notable that the Phillies continue to be a hold-out here. I mention all of this because, finally, the Phillies have a batting practicespring training jersey that could be swapped in as a red alternate. No contrasting sidepanels, buttons instead of pull-over; it’s nice! Maybe it could be used for regular games (if the patches, discussed below, were removed), but Majestic would want you to know that “that’s the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever heard because…” then some gibberish about fabrics for batting practice and game jerseys needing to be different for performance reasons.

He knocked it out of the park. DO NOT READ ANY OTHER WEBSITE. There’s simply no need.


Side note: He wasn’t kidding about gibberish. Good lord:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-01_01-49-43_PM

It appears both the spring training jerseys and alternates are using the same FLEXXXXXXXBASE technology. Majestic will literally do anything to give itself a perceived edge.

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22 Responses

  1. back to back posts: story about a jersey nobody gives a shit about and story about an ex mayor that no one cares about. Hard hitting journalism, tool

        1. In honor of the Phils new red jerseys, I will be discounting all 2016 red Sentras an additional $3,000 ! Plus , if you bring me a used tampon, I will beat my dick all over that too!!! and remember… If you cant make a deal with me, you cant make a deal with anybaady !

          1. I use to be a huge fat bastard, but I got my stomach stapled and lost over 200 lbs ! And now, more than ever, I want to beat that limp dick fucker Ron Schwartz of Colonial Nissan. So all this week I am offering $5,000 cash back on all left over 2015 F-150s! Plus, if you really want me to, I will suck you off in the back office for free !!!

            and remember if our emblem is not on your new car or truck, you probably did pay too much.

          2. Our sales are through the roof so far this year. Even though I don’t really need to do this, I will anyway in honor of the Phillies, come in and test drive a 2016 5 series, and I will let you fuck me in the ass with no rubber and finish inside me !

          3. My shit’s off the chain this year. I keep selling these knee-grows a whip, then I go repo the motherfucker when they stop paying, then I sell the SAME shit again. Sold this one Maxima like five times last year dawg.

            Yo, come see me, and I’ll hit you with a bag of that Drop Zone dope. No cash back, no 0% financing, no dealer credit, just a bag a that Drop Zone. Maybe I let you run a quick train on my lil cousin Niki, shit I finish in her mouth all the time, but mainly you get a bag a dope.

            Holla at cha boy……..

  2. I read other Philly websites for better and more timely content. Methinks someone is butthurt and worried about a certain other website.

  3. They actually look pretty sweet. But who could you even get? Franco?? Nola? They need some starts to market in the worst way. This entire city does.

  4. Any word yet about the pants they’ll be wearing with these? God I hope they don’t go full red – for the love of God, no.

  5. 888-729-9494
    #9494 on your AT&T and Verizon cell phone
    We’re talking least recognizable faces of a franchise in all of sports. Are Nola and Franco tops of the list?
    WIP Sports time is 3 colon 59

    1. 359 is not the time you fat fuck, its your cholesterol level.

      Its at least even money that we some day hear Jolly die on the air due to heart attack.

  6. So you didn’t learn when no one thought the Ian Rapoport thing was funny? You’re gonna double down with FLEXXXXXBASE? Dude, your site is dying and still you don’t learn. Is this something you learned at Villanova? I had 3 generations of my family graduate there (I went to a real school, thanks) and none of them heard of a class called “Tired Internet Schtick That Alienates Readers”.

  7. Great! So when the Phillies lose the first two BPS afternoon games, they’ll say the jerseys are cursed and stop wearing them. Signed, 1994 Blue Phillies Cap

  8. I like these new unies. One day I hope Phils will come out with a powder-blue, red pinstripe alternative, with pinstriped powder blue caps with red bills.

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