The X-Files Just Roasted the Sixers

From tonight’s Philly-set episode:

Sometimes it’s the things you love that hurt you the most.


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    1. That fat greasy haired primos hoagies eating douchebag, left his wife and kids to be withvMCW.

      1. She’s fing horrible. Heard her completely choke on an update yesterday. Probably just got done blowing gags during the break and forgot to wash the jizz outta her mouf.

      2. Daddy, Mr. Innes wants me to call him Uncle Josh when he comes over to the house. And he said he’d bring me a Primos, but the fat bastard ate it before he got here. Mommy said you’re banging MCW now, but I thought he got traded to Milwaukee? Now that you’ve screwed up my entire life, I’m going to become a hairdresser or a ballet dancer. But at least we don’t have to grow up in Washington oTwnship.

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