TMZ Posted Video of Jahlil Okafor’s 108 mph Police Chase Over the Ben Franklin Bridge

The hits keep on coming.

Police dash cam footage apparently has a price, too. TMZ just posted this video of the high-speed pursuit of Jahlil Okafor from back in October, when he was reported to be going 108 over the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Pretty uneventful, but I appreciate how it essentially escalated to a GTA two-star pursuit with the second cop arriving on the other side of the bridge. Had BIG JAH hung a left down that one-way, he most certainly would’ve gone to three stars and encountered helicopters and sniper fire. And at the point, it’s best to just try to steal a plane while you’re at it. Together we build.

Video after the jump.

UPDATE: You guys are the best:


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  1. Not a big deal, I’ve done 80 in a Honda CRV with a 4 cylinder. A Benz like that cruises at 100 no problem

  2. What are you talking about? The cop didn’t try to pull him over until he was on the other side of the bridge. He didn’t have his lights on for the entire distance of the bridge and Okafor pulled over at his first chance.

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