UPDATE: Fletcher Cox’s Tip

UPDATE: Someone who works at Pinsetter reached out to us on Twitter and said that a tip was left, in cash: “He 100% left cash as a tip. I was there. Our waitress should be ashamed of herself as well and cleared that up!”

So, there you have it. We got yet another tip to the contrary, which we’re still checking out. My concern was over whether the receipt was forged or not, and I never thought to consider the cash angle, given how pissed both the tipster and a separate tweeter were that he didn’t leave a tip on the card. I removed the image of the receipt for now.

UPDATE 2: Yet another person who says they work at Pinsetter, a waitress named [redacted], who is pissed about the situation, reached out to me this morning and said that no cash tip was found and that others are worried about getting in trouble with work for going public with it [apparently Eagles frequently hang out there]. “No chance at all” a cash tip was left, she said. I’ve reposted the original image.

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Oh, Fletcher, no.

Here’s an image sent in by tipster “Deez,” who claims this is a receipt from Pinsetter Bar & Bowl in New Jersey, signed off on by Fletcher Cox last night. $132.50 tab. $0 tip.

Now, having just watched Truth yesterday, I’m hyper vigilant that this sort of thing can be forged. So, a quick cross-check with Cox’s signature…

Voila_Capture 2016-02-28_09-47-36_AM

… makes what’s on the receipt close enough (most people just scribble on restaurant receipts), but still up for debate as to whether it’s legit or not. There are, however, two Tweets placing Cox in South Jersey last night… one of which rips him for not tipping at Pinsetter:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-28_09-58-07_AM Voila_Capture 2016-02-28_09-58-47_AM

I’m leaning towards this being real. Assuming it is, there are always two sides to every story, so let’s consider that before we make things hard for Cox. Trying to find out more. Perhaps Cox left cash?


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    1. This is just my personal policy………
      i always leave tip in cash, never write ‘cash’ on a credit receipt, just draw a line through the tip ‘box’
      and don’t leave until i hand them the cash in person.
      The wait staff gets screwed enough with the for sheit pay. I leave it up to them it they want to ‘claim it on their

        1. Paul- I hope you’re joking. But, yes, Chirs Rock is a hypocritical racist like all blacks, and Hillary is a lying, murdering c@nt who should be in prison surrounded by sociopath lesbians like her.

      1. I write “cash” and if possible, hand the waiter the cash. All so they don’t have to be taxed or be forced to share or wait for their tips.
        IF this is true, and only IF, Cox should be blasted by the media and stop acting like a n1gger.
        But, you have to give Cox the benefit of the doubt….for now.

    2. It might have been pick up. He might have left the tip in cash. the bottom line is – is this all you have for your sorry -ass blog Kyle? How about posting what you leave for tips?

      1. Since they patchhd the holes in the stall walls in the men’s room at the Farley rest stop in NJ, I leave a 50 dollar bill with the message “call me later Sergio: 1-800-DIRTYSANCHEZ”. I have nothing else.

  1. When you leave a cash Tip you generally write “cash” on the tip line. At least that’s what I do. Or 20 cents.

    1. Most people don’t write “cash”. Maybe like 1 in 5 people will do it. Most just draw a line through it

      1. Writing in “CASH” just alerts the IRA that the server got tipped, and they would be taxed as such. I leave cash but don’t announce it. It’s nobody’s business but mine and the server’s. They get paid shite wages, they don’t Uncle Sam snooping around when they barely make a living wage.

    2. I worked 5 years in restaurants, saw “cash” maybe a half dozen times.

      But let’s face it, it’s much more likely that a brutha didn’t tip than a server is libeling a famous athlete for no particular reason.

  2. Why post this if you don’t know the true story? McCoy you knew he left .20. And we all saw the backlash for that. Now you post this not knowing the truth but there’s bound to be backlash. Pretty unprofessional if you ask me.

  3. “there are always two sides to every story, so let’s consider that before we make things hard for Cox. Trying to find out more.”
    –Kyle Scott, professional journalist

    1. “The analysis itself is tremendous, but this has simply never been the sort of sports coverage that interests me. ”
      – Kyle Scott, professional journalist.

    1. It’s evident you didn’t go to Villanova or any other higher education institution.
      Probably not even high school diploma.

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  4. What’s the surprise. Black people rarely tip, and if they do, it’s never the standard 15 to 20 percent. I’ve served and worked in several bars. Pretty ironic too because in most cases, when you come up in poor to blue collar environments, you tend to tip more because you identify with someone in the service industry.

    Just shows that these people are essentially sub human and have respect for no one or not one thing

  5. Why did he post this? Because he’s feeling p h i l l y i n f l u e n c e r . C o m breathing down his neck

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  6. It IS a black thing! Naggers just don’t tip! Period! It’s been that way forever and everyone knows it! Why act surprised and stupid???

    1. Well, it is a little surprising when someone just received 50 million dollars (maybe more) in guaranteed money, and they dont leave a tip. I get your point, but its still a bit unsettling that the stereotype is oh so true. However, i am willing to bet there was a cash tip left, that may have been swiped.

  7. The dude comes in a bar a dj often… saw the post .. immediately u thought maybe he paid cash (although dude is a rude douche I assure you).. I just did my own crossing broad reporting lol… he indeed does not tip but neither does Jason petters…. barwin does… the 3 hang out together often (cooper too before released)… and don’t ask I’m not saying where… def not trolling I’m telling the truth.

    1. You’re full of $hit because Peters used to come in Champps on Delaware Ave before their lease wasn’t renewed and the bartenders said he tipped just fine there, but wasn’t very talkative. No crime there but the man did tip.

      1. I certainly am not full of shit… when petters or cox come in the waitresses get pissed cause they don’t tip… I asked again before I posted because cooper and barwin are usually with them .. they made it very clear barwin tips other 3 do not… and that cox and petteRs are very rude.. cooper is nice (go figure)… the place I work has numerous players come in through the years… duce Staley is the nicest and tips well… 2 guys complained about most mcnabb (condescending asshole) and Iverson who used to work servers crazy and NEVER I mean never tipped. .. my story is true

  8. Bartenders worst nightmare is when double A’s come into the bar. They know they are getting zero tip & a difficult drink order

  9. A liberal is someone who has never tried to tell a black waitress that she has to pick up a table of black customers.

  10. Wow, when I need my fix of hard hitting sports journalism, I always come here for latest revalations in need to know sports updates.

  11. The guy who criticizes real journalists comes back with – does Fletcher Cox tip? I can’t wait for the answer.

  12. I have known quite a few people, including me, who tip with cash and just draw a line through the tip space (mostly to prevent tip ripoffs and it does happen). There are a lot of places where waitstaff don’t get the money right away when it is put on the credit card and I am sure they would rather have it right away. These kneejerk reactions on this page are getting ridiculous. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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  14. Blacks don’t tip, everyone knows this. It may not be politically correct to say, but it is the truth, i worked at an applebees in high school and it’s just the way blacks are. And they don’t tip, because they are constantly playing the victim card, even while dining out. They are never satisfied with anything and sensitive about everything. Their drinks could constantly be re-filled and food could be instantly on the table cooked to perfection and they would still find something to complain about and feel slighted about to justify not tipping. Another thing that is common is that when they are finished eating they sort of lounge around like they are in their own family room, which i can understand if it’s late night and it isn’t busy but when it’s packed and people are waiting for tables , it’s time to get up and get the fuck out.

  15. I love when n1ggers order their food to go in small establishments that have limited seating spaces so they can avoid tipping the staff and then when their food is ready……….sit down in that seating area and don’t tip taking up tables from diners who want to sit eat AND tip the waitresses. Fuckkk you spooks. Just own up when you want to act like filthy pieces of dogshit and blame society instead of yourselves.

  16. All you people saying that it is no surprise because blacks don’t tip..you are right, in general ( who doesn’t know that to be true!). But in this case, when you have an accusation against a specific person in a specific incident, you need to get the full facts before you level accusations. Has there been a follow up? Has it been confirmed that he didn’t leave a cash tip?

  17. Just like another famous player did years and years ago when the Florida car dealer owned the team

  18. Tipping is not a law. Tipping is a consumers chance to get in the last word. I have NEVER spent more than $50 for a family of 4 for bowing in my life. How did he rack up over $130 in charges?? Who would drink or eat that much at a bowling alley unless it was a party? Waitress should be canned. Pinsetters won’t be sued but you can bet that NO Eagles players will be in there for a while. So what did that clown waitress just do to her boss and the owner? I know I won’t set foot in PYT after what happened with LeSean, right or wrong…

    1. Actually it might be pretty easy to rack up a hefty tab there if you had a group with you as the food at Pinsetter’s is actually really decent and they have a great bar. It’s a really nice alley.

    2. Arse- You are a n1gger and piece of $hit. I hope you become just another victim of black violent crime in this city.

  19. I’ve worked in the industry for 12+ years and stereotypes exist for a reason but its recently started changing. Old white people are the worst. I’ll take a Canadian any day over the early bird specialists. He probably left cash and people are trying to fuck with him, IMO.

  20. So what if we don’t tip. Its not the law. Y’all just jealous Cruz we run the sports game and used to be kings and queens in Egypt while you cave beasts couldn’t even lite a fire or read a book at all. But I guess ill let you rednecks get back to sleeping wit our sisters and shooting up schools lol.

  21. As someone who used to work in the restaurant business for years, it was fairly common to get stiffed on a check by the brother.
    We all used to say – what’s the difference between a canoe and a (insert N word here)? – Canoes tip.

  22. Kyle, you can’t post stories like this. You will never know the truth. Maybe a cash tip was left and the waitress was supposed to share it with others working that shift but she decided to pocket it. Or maybe her service sucked and she didn’t deserve a tip. But you post this story just to get hits from the racist fringe of the people who comment here. Have you had the balls to ask Fletcher himself yet?

  23. you should be charged with criminal negligence and thrown away for life for missing out on such a ridiculously easy pun opportunity with this one, whoever you are.

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