Villanova Is Number One Again and Will Play Number Five Xavier on Wednesday

Villanova remains the number one team in the country in both polls today (no surprise). They will play now number 5 Xavier on Wednesday. They beat them earlier in the season by 31. GET ME MY GUS JOHNSON.

Meanwhile, thanks to their loss at Davidson on Saturday, St. Joe’s, despite a “big win” against Dayton earlier in the week, was unable to crack the top 25, but they did get a handful of votes, earning themselves a moral victory.

Temple… well, wait, what did I do with their name again? I thought they were… wait, no, not on the list. Temple didn’t get any votes.

To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best… and no one in the city has beaten Villanova in three years.


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  1. Hey remember when Villanova blackballed Temple from joining the Big East?

  2. Villanova will never be considered a top-tier program. They will inevitably lose, maybe not this game, but one of their remaining 3 games, and finish the season ranked #7. Then they will lose in the round of 32, and no one will remember this little stretch ever again.

  3. Kyle at his finest. Trolling everyone to get clicks. Again it works, especially with Nova. Since we all know that inevitable early exit in March is coming. I assume there won’t be a post about their early exit as usual. But hey, amazing regular season in a mediocre conference!!!!

  4. Puhlease! If these 2 paper tigers played in the Big 12 or ACC it would be #18 rated Villanova(17-9) vs unranked Xaxier(15-11).

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