UPDATE: Flying First-Class with Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman to San Francisco

Reader Ryan is sitting next to Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman in first-class aboard a flight to San Francisco, not far from where rumored first round target Jared Goff went to college at Cal Berkeley. Reader Ryan?

Flight notes as of 11:48 EST. Howie Roseman seems like a squid. Aloof, brought his own sandwich on the plane from home, drops his stuff everywhere, doesn’t know how to work the tray table. Doug Pederson seems like a really cool guy. Has peed twice on the flight so far, just like me. Joked with howie that he is too hydrated. This hydration model may be a key factor late in the season. Will update with other important developments as they progress.

Woah woah this just in Doug Peterson just opened his own sandwich!! Same tin foil wrapping as Howies! Clearly homemade. Did they make them together?!

Howie has been watching film the whole flight and I desperately want to lean over and just say “sweet release point, huh howie?”. Haven’t gathered the courage. Dougie fresh has watched a movie. Did about 5 minutes of work on what looked a depth chart then quit and went back to history movie. I like his style.

Howie has been watching about 4 hours of film on Goff so they are definitely going to see him.

I should note the thing about Goff is speculation. Certainly possible, but speculation.

Few things:

  1. Howie lets Doug get the window seat. I didn’t see this coming. Actually expected Howie to be in first-class and Doug to be cramped in a middle seat in coach because, as Howie explained to him, “The coach goes in coach.” Doug has more power than I imagined.
  2. Howie and Doug packing sandwiches for a flight somehow inspires even less confidence in the direction the Eagles are heading.
  3. Doug watching a movie while Howie watches game film tells you everything you need to know about the power structure. Here, Doug, watch this movie and eat your sandwich. We’ll be there before you know it. If you have to go pee, just make sure to wash your hands. I’ll get you a big ice cream cone when we get there, if you’re good. Now, let daddy work.
  4. Goff is one reason they’d be going to San Francisco. Killing Chip Kelly could be the other. Kinda rooting for the latter. I’d love to blog an inter-front office murder.

We’ll keep you updated if there are any further developments.

UPDATE: Another possible reason for the trip: Cal-Davis’ pro day is today. They are near San Francisco as well.

UPDATE 2: The Eagles are reportedly working out Goff. Wonder if they brought him a sandwich?

UPDATE 3: We have an important update on the sandwich situation from a known a tipster:

I died reading your story about Howie and Doug today. Not to burst your bubble, but those sandwiches were made by the cooking staff at Novacare. That shit is way better than anything you’ll get in the terminal or in the sky. Another stupid Novacare Cafeteria footnote for you – there’s no menu available, but you can order the “Vince Young” and the chef will know exactly what you want. It’s chicken tenders rolled up in a wrap with ranch dressing, light frank’s hot sauce, lettuce, chopped tomatoes. Vince used to eat that shit every day for lunch during the “Dream Team” era. It’s a simple combo but everyone started ordering it because it’s delicious as shit. In short, Vince Young’s legacy still lives on.

So there’s a reasonable chance Doug and Howie were eating the “Vince Young” en route to work out their quarterback of the future. The Dream Team has come full-circle.


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  1. Certainly not new news, but ALWAYS worth repeating… “Kyle Scott is a F%€¥ing moron!

  2. Aww Bo, I wish I was on the flight with them. I’d show them my draft depth chart and grades then invite them to the meat locker. Ooo ohhhhh.

  3. As far as I know, you can’t bring sandwiches from home. Those sandwiches, while wrapped in tin foil, had to have been purchased in the concourse. And how are we not talking more about the GM and HC flying commercial? Shouldn’t they be charter all day? That’s the most concerning thing about this.

    1. Wait do you actually think you can’t bring sandwiches from home on a plane? Of course you can. I’ve done that every time I’ve flied.

      Hell I brought an entire pizza once. TSA didn’t even blink.

  4. “Howie and Doug packing sandwiches for a flight somehow inspires even less confidence in the direction the Eagles are heading.”

    Absolutely not. If anything, this speaks to their level of preparation. This Eagles team will be ready for ANYTHING come Sunday – including an uninspiring in-flight menu.

  5. Have you eaten the meals in first class on legacy US scareways? They’re better off with sandwiches.

  6. tin foil? that shit hasn’t been mass produced since ww2. what you’re thinking of is aluminum foil. don’t understand how people under 50 still call it tin foil.

    1. I mean that is sad. Marks get’s a wife with huge cans and he earns much less than you do.

  7. An anonymous source called in a tip that the sandwiches were left over Easter Ham and were made by Doug’s wife. Sources also confirm that mayo was used. No comment from the nova care complex

  8. I took the pick, they were both really nice/normal guys, pretty rediculous write up……not accurate at all.

  9. At 1219 PM, Howie Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssman snuck off to the bathroom to suck off a (male) flight attendant….

  10. I bet Howie is taking Dougie to Napa for the week for a little getaway before OTA’s

    1. Have you idiots lost your collective minds? No more talk about this homo stuff!!!

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