DeMarco Murray Jokes that He Took a Year off and No One is Laughing

Welcome to Tennessee, DeMarco Murray. Do you have anything to say about your dismal season last year to get the fans excited?

During a frustrating season in Philadelphia, running back DeMarco Murray never lost his sense of humor.

“I feel like I took a year off last year, so I am fresh,” Murray, with a smile, said on Wednesday.

You son of a bitch. Is that supposed to be a joke? Was this a joke?

Okay, I’ve calmed down. It could have been a joke referencing the amount of carries he had two seasons ago vs. last year, I guess. But when most of the league looked at him last year and asked “what the hell is he doing,” it might not be the best way to endear himself to his new team. “What was I doing last year? Oh, hardly trying. Excited to be in Tennessee though!” Good luck with him, Marcus.


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  1. I remember when we signed this guy and he took the high road in the midst of all McCoy’s shit talking. I thought really highly of him back then.

    1. What a piece of shit, this assmunch was the worst RB in the game last year, lots of laughs at the horrible Tit-ans giving him a shot

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