Have Mercy: Local Beer League Hockey Team’s Jesse and the Rippers Jerseys in Multi-National Competition Finals

One of the great things about Minor League Sports is its commitment to silliness. Minor league baseball and hockey teams have hopped on the themed-jersey night bandwagon in recent years, and now it’s trickled down even further.

Bristol’s Rippers – a beer league hockey team – have been wearing John Stamos jerseys for a couple of years. But right now they’re in the US/Canada Beer League Jersey Challenge Finals, where they could win a whole new set of their newly designed jerseys (worth $1,500). They’re fighting an uphill battle (as anyone would) against a team of volunteer firefighters from the New York area, but don’t let the pity points get to you. The Rippers’ jersey is just better.

You can vote for them to win by commenting “1” on the Instagram post over here until 2 p.m. tomorrow. And would you really vote for someone without any local ties and worse unis just because they’re firefighters? Cut. It Out.

Kyle: Things looking good based on small sample size of recent votes:

Voila_Capture 2016-03-31_12-49-26_PM

[h/t @PhillyPartTwo]

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