Here Are the Candidates to Whom Your Local Sports Team Owners Are Donating

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As sports fans, we often get up in arms about player contracts, ticket prices, and more because we see the owners’ money as our money because we gave it to them. Without delving into how true that actually is, it’s pretty interesting to see where these owners’ political donation money goes.

According to Vocativ, which looked into sports owner political contributions, someone in the Phillies’ ownership cabal donated $1,000 to Jeb Bush (according to records, it’s Dave Montgomery, who listed his employer as “THE PHILLIES”):

baseball owners

Comcast-Specator, owners of the Flyers, dropped another $5,400 into the pocket of lil’ Marco Rubio ($1,500 from president and CEO David Scott, the rest from someone else). Additionally, in my own research, I found Ed Snider gave around $13,500 to Ted Cruz’s campaign (!!!), and Comcast-Spectacor’s Executive Vice President/General Counsel Philip Weinberg gave $1,500 to Jeb!:

nhl owners

It looks like someone in the Sixers’ ownership group also donated $5,400 to Marco Rubio, but I think that’s incorrect:

NBA owners

Since the amounts and candidates for the Sixers and Flyers line up, I thought Vocativ may have mistook Comcast-Spectacor as owning the Sixers.

My hunch was right.

According to records, Joshua Harris and David Blizter both donated to candidates and PACs in the last year. Blitzer gave $5,000 to the Senate Leadership Fund (a Republican PAC) and what looks like $2,700 to Marco Rubio on two occasions*:

david blitzer contibution

Meanwhile, Josh Harris gave $100,000 to the Congressional Leadership Fund (a similar Republican PAC), but he hasn’t thrown financial support behind any of this year’s candidates yet. In the past, he’s given money to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and George W. Bush.

Jeffrey Lurie gave $2,700 to Hillary Clinton, and has given a ton of money over the years to the Gridiron PAC (the lobbying arm of the NFL):

nfl owners

OF COURSE the Cowboys gave to Christie.

You can have your own fun searching contribution records here. For example, I learned that Bill Giles once donated to Jim Bunning’s campaign, Spencer Hawes gave to Romney Victory, Inc., and Andy Reid gave to Jon Runyan’s campaign. Also Howie donated to Kasich [Editor’s note: Oh my God we have similar political views]:


Tweet (or comment) with any other interesting donations you find.

*That David S. Blitzer is listed as self-employed, but has the same middle initial and zip code as the Sixers’ Blitzer, listed elsewhere.

[all donation info via the Federal Election Commission]

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  1. For godsakes Jim. Thought we were rid of you for a few days. Please go to spring training. If your afraid to fly the walk there. Take your time. Then stay there.

    1. They say that Jim lacks substance. Well, this piece was an interesting idea, until you see that the Phillies owner donated $1,000 to Jeb. A man who is worth nearly 1 billion dollars donated 1,000 and Jim thinks it’s incredible. Jim we are still waiting for your indi music blog. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Pissed Jeans , Air Conditioning, Bright Eyes, and Dead Meadow …..

  2. And Bernie Sanders is not on the list anywhere. Interesting to note that the wealthy owners seem to overwhelmingly donate to the Republican party, yet the mouthbreathers out there listening to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News still seem to think these candidates give a crap about their interests…

    1. (in high pitched Jackie voice) aaahhhhhh I think that little marco needs to drop out!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! Ted Cruz looks like a gay preacher morphed with a turkey!!! Aaahhhhhaaaaahhaaaa!!!!!

    2. Why would they give money to someone who is a devout socialist that will crush the middle-class which is vital to the success of these massive sports industries? That buffoon who did not hold a real job until the age of 40 will take the money out of people’s pockets which they could use to spend on superfluous items like apparel, game tickets, and parking passes!

  3. Well said, Bo Bo. These rich pricks have a vested interest in perpetuating this plutocracy. At least Lurie gave some scratch to Clinton, not the GOP.
    Now use indigenous in a sentence.

  4. Lurie gave money to Hillary. Why does that not surprise me. Birds of a feather flock together.

  5. This article suggests I should aling my sports team affiliation with my political views.

  6. Where is the Pres of the Jolly Fanclub? This post is begging for his liberal complaining.

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