New CBP Eats Include an Insane Andrew Zimmern-Designed Sandwich and Chik-fil-A

Image via Aramark

As baseball season approaches, Citizens Bank Park has laid out its newest plan to get you in the door: More insane food. Last year Aramark and CBP – your favorite culinary sports experience – added Wayback Burgers, some special hot dogs [editor’s note: so good], and more. But this year they’re going all in.

Biarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern has partnered with Aramark to create a Korean Fried Pork Belly Sandwich (the beauty above). It’s topped with grilled pineapple, chili lime salt, and gochujang sauce. You can find it at Harry the K’s, which is to say, you’ll likely never eat it. Federal Donuts will also be adding their simple but fantastic Boneless Chicken Sandwich, while removing their Korean fried chicken from the offerings. Check out more of what will be added after the jump, complied from Aramark and Michael Klein.


  • Wayback Burgers: A cheeseburger topped with pork roll and a mini corn dog
  • Aramark: Three new types of hot dogs:
    • A beer-braised hot dog with hard cider braised onions and grain mustard on a pretzel roll
    • An “Asian dog topped with sweet and sour pickled slaw and Sriracha mayo on a poppy seed roll”
    • A bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with smoked tomatillo salsa verde, Tobasco mayo, and chopped tomato and onions
  • Some healthier options, available at general concessions:
    • GoPicnic Black Bean Dip pack – Black bean dip, crispy roasted plantain chips, Ginger Zip™ fruit & nut mix, apricot Flexible Fruit™ roll and an edamame, pepita & sunflower seed blend (gluten free, non-GMO and vegan)
    • GoPicnic Turkey Pepperoni pack – Turkey pepperoni slices, asiago cheese spread, multi-seed crackers, Baja Blend™ fruit & nut mix and Zeppelin™ sea salt caramel lollipop (gluten free with no artificial colors or flavors, separate components within the box are also kosher, non-GMO and vegetarian)
  • Aramark’s website also touts three other Andrew Zimmern hot dog creations, though it’s unclear where exactly they’ll be available:
  • AZ’s Canteen Dog– Piedmontese hot dog with roasted vegetable mayo, house-made grain mustard, cabbage slaw and pickled jalapeños, on a toasted bun
  • AZ’s Canteen Sausage– Cheddar sausage with roasted vegetable mayo, house-made grain mustard, cabbage slaw and pickled jalapeños, on a toasted bun
  • Lamb Koefte Burrito– Lamb koefte and fried eggplant slices with tomato cucumber salad, green hot sauce and tahini, wrapped in a tortilla
The Canteen Dog and Sausage, via Aramark
The Canteen Dog and Sausage, via Aramark
  • Duck fat fries are added to the menu at Harry the K’s
  • Chick-Fil-A expands their local sports reach to include CBP, but their stand will be closed Sundays in accordance with corporate policy
  • And finally, Rita’s Water Ice joins the ballpark’s cooler options.

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    1. Really is such a punch in the dick when you forget, like Charlie’s being closed on Tuesdays.

      1. It seems that every single time I get the urge to eat Chick-Fil-A, it’s a Sunday.

        And I never remember they’re closed on Sundays until I pull into the empty lot like a complete schmuck.

      2. Obviously a another article by ‘kyle’

        its ‘chic-fil-a’ NOT ‘chick-fil-a’.
        Your like a woman, always changing your mind.

        1. Hey, Eddie:
          “Its” should actually be “it’s”
          “Your” should actually be “You’re”
          and of course, “chic-fil-a” is actually “Chick-fil-A”.

  1. Andrew Zimmern is a goddamned pig but that sandwich sounds good. Gochuang is the shit.

    1. season tickets to the phillies? ur kidding me right? this is and will always be a football town. eagles got the draft coming up and I’m crushing the radio competition.

  2. Send one down to that big piece of fucking monkey shit kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk machine…maybe he’ll fucking choke on it….PHUCK OFF

  3. Why did CBP get rid of local hoagie outlets and turn them over to Aramark. You should be able to get a good hoagie at CBP. The Park doesn’t need any national chains. That’s what’s NYY did. When they first opened they had a majority of local owned restaurants selling all types of food at the stadium.
    Naturally they couldn’t resist the money and within 2 years all the outlets were awarded to national chains except Lobel’s. It’s an actual steak on a roll and it’s terrific. It costs $16 but if they it at CBP I would buy one every time I visit the Park.

    1. because Aramark always has, and always will be the worst supplier of food on this very earth. Their quality standards rival any 7-eleven in Delco. Their goal is the bottom line.. not serving hungry sports fans.

      Hey who wants to pay $16 for parking, $48 per ticket to eat sloth dick meat on a stale roll? Hey that sando has cheese and multiple awkward layers that’ll fall apart halfway down the aisle because Miss Lippy wrapped it during nap time. Git me one of dose

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