Shayne Gostisbehere Is a Supernatural Unicorn


That’s not an exact quote, but whatever:

Listen to the interview here and buy a shirt.

Voila_Capture 2016-03-13_05-09-23_PM

Photo: Reader Jake


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  1. I’m shocked those two no talent hacks mosher and shander could hold their eagles load in that long without talking about the football for a couple of minutes. “Hey Shane we’d have no idea who you were if it wasn’t for the jersey you’re wearing but who should the eagles draft?”

    Honestly if I were the Flyers I’d look for new broadcast partners. No one is saying the Flyers need to be the number one topic of discussion. But between the non stop eagles talk and the secondary broadcasts on MMR behind the Sixers, I’d be looking for a way out. Hell half of the daily radio hosts even know the players and your main one just rips the team and the fans all the time.

  2. I only wish ghost would have dropped lunch pail into that quote

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