Sometimes you just have to love Philly. Sometimes you just have to shake your damn head and acknowledge that, yeah, it’s a little bit different here. You won’t find this sort of enthusiasm elsewhere. Nowhere else does a grandma relive the Bullies glory days by tossing that hot, sweet-ass leopard print bra on the ice after a 24-year-old’s sporting achievement. My lord, if she has this kind of spunk now, how fun must this woman have been when she was in her 20s? HOW MUCH FUN IS SHE NOW?!?! I’m not sure Schenner could handle this. This woman has seen things. She’s done things. You might want to keep that helmet on, 10.

Side note: Look at the horrified look on their faces– “GRANDMA NO!”

Voila_Capture 2016-03-02_10-39-11_AM

I love this town. Sports are almost fun again. Almost. Just need a Hooters ballgirl mishap and I’ll be out of these winter doldrums.