The Flyers Crossed The Sticks!

So I suppose we should update our playoff chances post from yesterday after the Flyers’ ejaculatory first period led the way in a 4-3 win over the Red Wings.

As you’ll see here, the sticks have been crossed. Blades and shafts overlapping in positive glory. With the win, the Flyers increased their chances of making the playoffs from just around 50% to 69%, using Now, you can be the child and make a 69 joke here and I’ll just point out that winning in regulation was a huge boost to these odds, because going to overtime would’ve instantly opened the door for the Red Wings to backdoor their way into a second point with a fluke goal or shootout win, and that would’ve skewed things much further in the other direction.

In fact, the win was so huge for the Flyers that they were the second biggest movers IN ALL OF SPORTS, according to’s calculations:

Voila_Capture 2016-03-16_07-50-36_AM

Think the Flyers were ready? THINK THEY READ MY BLOG POST?!?! Because they came out FIRING. From the team’s city-leading PR department:

The last time the Flyers had 23+ sog in the first period of a game was 1/29/1984 at Chicago (25 SOG in first period).

The Flyers outshot their opponent by 20 or more shots in the first period for just the second time in team history. The other was 4/4/82 vs. Toronto when they outshot the Leafs 22-1 in the first period.

The last time the Flyers had 46+ SOG vs. Detroit was Nov. 13, 1986 (51 SOG).


Next up: Blackhawks.


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  1. can not wait to see flyers fans cry after they lose Saturday.

    can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. you don’t even go to temple, I just saw you post this. you go to CCP, I was looking over your shoulder to cheat and seen you write this. and then i realized, oh fuck i’m cheating off of someone that goes to community college.


  2. Great game last night. Great night for Mr Trump as well. As a long time Ted Cruz supporter I gata say it’s officially over for old Ted. Good luck Donald!

    1. Donald Trump has zero chance of becoming President over Hitlery Clinton.

  3. I approve the use of an eggplant as a symbol in the above chart.

    PS. I have a huuuuuuugggeeee number of the members of the tribe who run numbers for me.

  4. This is Evan Myrtetus, I’m only 8, but when I get my first piece of shit lemon car, I’m gonna get it at Concordville Nissan (because they paid my garbage pail, sidekick of a dad to have me say this)

  5. Sooner or later “Ove” is going to skate the Cup. They are going to be overwhelming favorites over the Flyboys.

      1. You know that article is from 2012? Tldr don’t know what point you were trying to make….. At the end of the day the only numbers that matter is the score .

        1. yes i do know that article is from 2012, the same year the penguins were overwhelming favorites to beat the flyers on their way to winning a stanley cup. i was using that as a reference.

          the point i was trying to make is favorites and odds mean nothing, do you understand nate?

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