Villanova and St. Joe’s Got Screwed

I’m glad the full bracket leaked, because CBS’ two-hour selection show, which will probably still be going by the time I’m done this post, is a complete bastardization of March. Even Sir Charles Barkley, who’s typically delightful, can’t save it. He’s less prepared than usual– saying the Big 5 doesn’t exist anymore. The NCAA and a big network teaming up to siphon profits from the depths of your sports fandom is about as low as it gets. Les Moonves, whether he has anything to do with this or not, should go fuck himself.


  1. Villanova got jobbed, there’s no other way to say it. They’re playing in Kansas’ bracket – Kansas is the number one overall seed – making them the eighth overall seed. North Carolina is the number two overall, playing in the East. That means the number seven overall seed gets the 2 in Philly– XAVIER. Bullshit. Villanova was ahead of Xavier all season, split the season series, and lost to the same team they did, a round later, in the conference tournament. How, in the fuck, does Xavier slot above them, thus sending Nova to somewhere other than Philly? Tell me– I’ll wait.
  2. [Waiting]
  3. Gripes aside, the South region may be more favorable to Nova. The winner of Temple-Iowa is probably the best second round matchup Villanova could ask for. Iowa has lost six of its last eight, and Villanova is clearly better than Temple. No other team is dominant, and Kansas is at the other end of the bracket. Home court notwithstanding, this shakes out better than being the 2 in the East, where Pitt or Wisconsin (always scary in March) loom in the second round.
  4. Temple-Nova possibility. I don’t think Temple beats Iowa. For as much as Iowa has struggled, they have more ability virtually everywhere on the floor and they play in a brutal conference. Either way, I’m not going to be able to take a week of proclaimed faux parity between Nova and Temple from the local media. THIS IS NOT SOME EQUAL BIG 5 MATCHUP! Villanova is the class of the city, by far. No tournament game is a gimme, but this will be branded as a toss-up by the pro-Temple Philly media establishment the same way the Republican establishment thought Jeb Bush had a chance.
  5. St. Joe’s got screwed on their location. Blame the A-10 for thinking its important enough to hold its conference championship on Sunday, potentially rendering the outcome moot in terms of seeding. St. Joe’s should’ve been a 7, and they probably shouldn’t have to go to Spokane and then Anaheim. I actually liked their chances at a Sweet 16 run, but Cincy was lit against UCONN in that 4-OT game, and high-flying Oregon, in Washington, will be virtually unbeatable. I feel way worse for them than I will for Temple when Nova shines their Sweet 16 party shoes with Fran Dunphy’s Villanova-groomed mustache.
  6. [Waiting] Oh, they’re bracket is better than what they would’ve faced in Philly? Never mind then. Go Cats!

UPDATE: Wait a minute– explain to me how Nova IS the number seven overall seed but they get slotted with the number one overall, not in the East?!?!?!?! Literally I don’t understand this:

Voila_Capture 2016-03-13_07-17-43_PM

Now I’m mad overall again.

UPDATE 2: Even if they did this based on location, Nova gets East. It seems the NCAA clearly punished them for working around the home court thing at the Wells Fargo Center. Complete bullshit. Still, I like their bracket and just want to complain about this for a few days.


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  1. I also don’t understand how the overall 7th ranked team gets slotted with the overall #1. However, playing Wisconsin in the second round is too similar to the matchups vs NC State last year. I would rather play Temple or a reeling Iowa in round 2. If we don’t make the Sweet 16- it will be a major disaster. Go Cats!

    1. So I get in the ?, and tune into 94wip, and the buzz kill Jolovitz is on the air; which makes me immediately change the station.

      Seriously, why is this condescending jerk still employed by wip?

      He’s rude to callers with that whiny nasally voice of his, as a matter of fact, the volume of calls goes down when he’s on because like Rob Ellis, he’s one big borefest.

  2. I’m going to put a large wager on Iowa Friday. Crazy hair dunph doesn’t have the balls to win in the tourney . Easy $$

      1. Come on, everyone should know this. If I put up 10 million dollars to my dollar you would know the answer. It’s so easy. Who was the athlete that water ice on the Wildwood Boardwalk in 1948 who stood in front of the vending machine.

  3. Also can’t wait for super fans marks, gargano, Ellis, and Mayes to pump up temple like they’re some big threat just like they did during the temple Notre dame game.

    1. Marks is an angry little dwarf who serves no purpose on the radio.

  4. Can’t wait for Nova to choke against Temple. That’s the only thing that will keep me coming back here to see people bash Kyle and Nova. Kyle’s probably secretly rooting against Nova for clicks. Nova sucks, Kyle sucks and Jim sucks.

  5. If it were me, I would slot the top 4 by location. So Kansas gets the Midwest, UNC gets the South, UVA gets the East, Oregon gets the West. Then snake and ignore location. So 5th seed gets slotted with Oregon, 6th with UVA, 7th with UNC, 8th with Kansas, 9th with Kansas, 10th with UNC, etc. Thoughts?

  6. Why would it be fair to Carolina as the 1 seed to have to play Villanova on essentially their home court? The committee did a fine job.

  7. No team is ever allowed to play on their home court, ever. Maybe Nova should not rely on big schools selling out the Wells Fargo center. Fraud fans, fraud team.

    Since when in Nova a city school anyway? Don’t they play on the Main Line?

    1. clearly youve never watched ncaa bball because duke and unc have played on their homecourt a bunch of times in the tournament.

      1. Not in decades, Chief. They play in their home state, either Raleigh, Greensboro or Charlotte. But neither school plays home games off campus like Villanova does. If Nova would build an on-campus arena that held more than 6,000 people, they could stop whoring out for big crowds at the Wells Fargo Center. Usually in years when the tournament is in Philadelphia, they don’t play as many games at the WF so that they get a shot at playing near home. They have only themselves to blame.

  8. No they haven’t. You think the NCAA would put a tournament game in a 9,000 seat gym? Haha.

  9. They have NEVER played at their home court. Like Nova, their arena is too small. They have played in North Carolina but not where they play “home” games.

    1. Dean Dome holds over 21,000. I assume you mean Cameron, which holds about 9,000 but would never be used for the tournament.

  10. Stop your whining! If Nova would of handled their business, this would all be mute. I’m feeling a 15/2 Upset! Nova is PRIME for it!

    1. Mute – when you turn the sound off on the TV. Moot – when there’s no reason to continue to argue.

  11. Quit whining, Kyle. I say this as a UNC grad and someone from a family with 3 generations of VU alumni. Be careful what you wish for. UNC would stomp a hole through this ‘Nova team. Jay Wright has Andy Reid Syndrome: he is so enamored with winning “his way” that he can’t see the fatal flaw in his philosophy. You can’t ask a smallish team of jump shooters to be consistent and win 6 games in a month against increasingly harder opponents. They are not built for the tournament. One bad night shooting and they lose. Happens every year. UNC dominates the paint on both ends and in March, it’s rebounding and defense, not outside shooting.
    -2005 UNC over ‘Nova, national champs
    -2009 UNC over ‘Nova, national champs, watched it with my family, lit a victory cigar in front of them with 12 minutes left in the 2nd half.
    We WANT Villanova. You’ve been our good luck charm in the past. You got an easier draw, and you assume you’ll make it to the Elite 8. Careful, bud.

    1. Well put. Jay Wright is the Chip Kelly of college basketball.


  12. Everybody knows that rich members of the tribe get bamboo fever for second wife! Just like Jeffy Boy Laurie. The bamboo fever will get you too Kyle!

  13. Why so mad Kyle? Both teams will be knocked out of the tourney after the 2nd round. Jay Wright is an overrated coach. Never gets top talent and then never gets his players to perform when it counts the most.

  14. Seriously, all Nova had to do was beat seton hall to be #1, and as usual they didn’t in tournament time. I just can’t stand how non killer instinct they are. Play with some balls like st joes did yesterday.

  15. but honestly, typical Kyle and typical Nova fan finding ways to cry and already searching for reasons as to why they can’t win. Nova is not good and will 100% blow it again. I bet you (any amount of t-shirts because that is all you have) if Temple makes it to round 2 they beat Nova. There is no shot in hell that Nova gets passed sweet 16.

  16. the beauty of the NCAA tourney is that all of the crying about seeding, and opponents, and all that BS STOPS on Thursday when they actually play the games. If you are good enough, then you will survive and advance, and if not, see ya next year. None of this other BS matters. Just win baby!

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