Women Don’t Want to Listen to Women Talk about Sports, Says St. Louis Sports Talk Hack

Dino Costa is a trash drive-time sports talker for St. Louis’ 590 the Fan who is known as a serial plagiarist. And it’s no wonder he steals all his shit, because when he has his own ideas, they’re total garbage:




While it’s adorable for someone who has been on his AM radio station for less than a month to talk about driving ratings consistently, this is one of the better examples of macho-idiot driven ideas that are just bad opinion passed off as fact. And the Don’t Tread on Me flag flying above his Geocities site should have given that away.

How does he respond to people who express their disbelief on Twitter?


What a cool guy. And maybe if he looked up at a TV or read some sports reporting, he’d see tons of successful women covering sports in nearly every medium except sports talk radio. But then he’d be opening himself up to LIBERALISM:


[From the bio on his site: “Now I realize that if you are in the sports media industry and you are reading this page, there is a better than 9 times out of 10 chance that you are not like me, and that you are a liberal.”]

Maybe this is all because AM Sports Talk is dying. Maybe that’s because of idiots like Dino and their Cro-Magnon listeners – those dudes who have “Man Cave” at the top of their must haves list on “House Hunters” – who think it’s the He-Man Woman Haters Club. Or maybe it’s because women rarely get a chance to do sports talk radio, specifically because of the ideas of Dino and people like him.

But dudes like sports, and women be shopping, right Dino?


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  1. But he is correct though isn’t he? I didn’t see anything in your response that listed the women running successful sports talk radio shows. Think before your write Jim, you continue to look clueless…

    1. Besides Rhea , Jemele Hill and Cowherds sidepiece I don’t even know another female host. I’m sure there are others in their own region but not much national. MCW is a stretch to be considered at all. The only one who is a real co-host is Jemele too.

  2. I agree with him wholeheartedly, and quite frankly, the best job a woman could have, is in the kitchen and the bedroom, performing her womanly duties; which is serving her man.

    1. Nothing fucking worse than hearing a chick call sports radio. I can not change the channel quick enough. Drives me crazy. Stick to sucking dick she cooking meals

      1. Just heard a woman call in and tell Angelo that she doesn’t understand why the Flyers are trying to make the playoffs and should tank like the sixers. Brilliant point Jen. You should probably stick to making sandwiches and taking money shots you dumb wh0re.

  3. And he is wrong how? Sounds like you are Trump protestor. Throw something at the wall but have no clue what you are protesting.

    1. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s like saying “a woman have never been a successful president of the U.S.” and then citing the list of women presidents as proof. They have not been successful in the sports talk radio business because, by and large, they have not been given the same opportunities to prove themselves capable in the role. Just because you use a flawed premise to “prove” your argument doesn’t make the argument any less asinine or illogical.

      1. Men don’t care for women’s opinions or being in positions of power. They need to be at home taking care of the kids. That’s why this society is fucked now with major problems. Women’s lib is dead. Any logical thinking person knows this to be fact.

  4. I’d like to see this guy talk basketball with Dei Lynam for 10 minutes. And even if the women’s sports rating is true, who cares, why look like a jackass if you don’t have a dog in the fight.

    1. Dei Lynam is a dude. Also, she would NEVER have that job if it wasn’t for her father.

  5. Jim Adair, the liberal asshole. Let me clue you in on something. Women don’t belong in men’s sports because men don’t want to hear their voices. Period.

    Keep pumping out your fake PC outrage. No one takes you people seriously anymore.

    1. Hey dear. We have talked about this before. I have no problem cleaning up the basement for you. I don’t mind warming up your hot pockets. But could you clean up the crusty socks under your bed. We both know the ones we are talking about. You know, the dream catchers.

      Also, what happened with that nice girl from Target? You know, the cashier. She seemed nice. Did she call you back?

  6. Tune in to 97.5 any afternoon and hear Mike talk about clothes, and girl music. His ratings are doing alright.

    If he gets bored he will start belittling his co-workers and gossiping. His golf swing looks like my grandmothers. He never has a woman……….

    I’m just saying…..trans?

  7. there are no women sports talk hosts because the ratings would fall of a cliff if a women was hired to do so. Nobody is holding women back, it’s just the truth. Women wouldn’t even want to listen to another women talk about anything, especially sports.

    sorry hipster Jimbo, but this guy isn’t wrong

  8. Jim Adair like a woman. His way of avoiding opinion on Greg Oden 2 (Embiid) and his 0 pts scored in the NBA. Read this fast before Jim panties get in a bunch. Think we have a spot on Bynums Bowling Team.

  9. Kyle: Jim, I’m low on ideas and I have a baby to take care of, I’ll do my round up then I need you post an over the top false-outrage piece about a guy in St Louis no one cares about. It should get comments up with the back and forth banter.

    Jim: You got it bro, nothing gets my nipples harder than pretending to care about stupid things.

  10. Kyle, you keep letting Jimbo pollute your business with this kiddy shit and I might have to change over to the bald wigger

  11. Pretty sure Sarah Spain has a show on ESPN radio. Don’t know what her ratings are, but I bet they’re higher than this jerkoff.

    1. Only reason Sarah Spain has a job is because of her giant tits. Have you listened to 5 minutes of her show or seen her on ATH? She has the sports knowledge of a 7th grader.

  12. Why should I care what some spaghetti N***** in market 22 on a dying medium has to say about anything!? This guy sounds like a bigger cuck than bubba the love sponge

  13. If you’re ever wondering who the dumbest people in the room are….the answer is always anyone associated with the media.

  14. Great to see hipster Jim found a way to work in an insult to religion. That tweet was so necessary and added a ton to the article.

    Well done following your hipster brothers who act so tolerant and PC yet have no respect for anyone’s religion. I’m sure you guys will make a bunch of zombie Jesus jokes this weekend while crossing swords in the men’s room at Johnny Brenda’s.

  15. You wrote: What a cool guy. And maybe if he looked up at a TV or read some sports reporting, he’d see tons of successful women covering sports in nearly every medium except sports talk radio.

    Really? He wasn’t talking about OTHER mediums. He was merely talking about sports-talk radio. You actually acknowledged his point with that sentence I guess without realizing it!

  16. Jim, go hug a Muslim woman and tell her how beautiful she is inside and out and you will gain 10 PC points in addition to the 10 you’ve gained in writing this article.

  17. It is no accident that all those women reporting on TV are drop dead gorgeous with great figures. Hey,, I’m a woman and I realize that that is the main reason they are on. No one can see them on radio and only listen to them and the men listening are not interested in what they are saying.

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